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Reflective Commentary - Coursework Example

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Reflective Commentary Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 2 Learning Culture of Nottingham University Business School (Home Country) 4 Learning Culture of Globsyn Business School (Host Country) 6 Impact of Teaching and Assessment Strategies 7 Learning culture on application of theory 10 Effectiveness of different learning system 13 Assessment of reflective process 16 Work cited 18 Introduction Globsyn Business School, with a Global Campus and AICTE approved residential campus at the outskirts of Kolkata, has exclusively positioned itself as one of the India’s best B-School…
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Reflective Commentary
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Extract of sample "Reflective Commentary"

Download file to see previous pages The mission of Nottingham University Business School is to improve business and management knowledge. It trained us to perform well in national competitions. It offers full time MBA program and executive MBA program. I have been assigned a project to work on an Indian Industry. For this purpose, I have taken help from the professors of Globsyn Business School as it is one of the renowned B-School of India and have the corporate contacts also. Here, I got to know that the new economy environment of the school crafted it one of the most forward thinking B-School in India. With a built on research and technology, innovation, along with distinctive initiatives in the form of Knowledge Connect, Global Connect and Corporate Connect, Globsyn is creating a globally networked, corporate know-how, research driven management education system. It moves further than traditional forms of management knowledge to a research based delivery framework in order to create “Industry Ready Managers” to work in today’s technology driven business environment. ...
The PGDM/MBA programme provides for strong curriculum based learning. The specialisation offered under PGDM/MBA program is marketing, information system, finance and human resources. I also gained Indian MBA experience along with a wide area of study. Analytical method of teaching is taken into consideration rather than descriptive teaching. Quizzes and tests have been conducted on weekly basis. E-learning was also conducted which includes video clips and audio presentation. It also includes teaching through power point presentation. The program has been planned to provide assistance to the students to prepare either for corporate management careers or to pursue academic studies in India or abroad. It also includes contribution towards research and development or joins the academic community. There are many options for us to work in a variety of fields ranging from NGO’s to Government assignments etc. Globsyn Business School gives the option to choose our area of studies and excel in our respective domains. Though the first year consists of compulsory papers, we get the choices to cross-skill ourselves and face the competitive business environment. In second year, we can choose our specialisation in our interested area of study. I also came to know that as a part of Global Connect Program, the international faculty member takes classes thereby giving us opportunity to learn new and contemporary management techniques Learning Culture of Nottingham University Business School (Home Country) Nottingham University Business School offers Full-time MBA, Executive MBA, MBA Corporate Social Responsibility, MBA Entrepreneurship, and MBA Finance. The programme is designed to provide us with different skills and knowledge to succeed in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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