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Wells Fargo Organization Audit - Essay Example

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This research begins with a brief report about the Wells Fargo Company including information about its organization, type of industry, opening statement; general statement of results and computation of productivity measures. The report continued with the analysis of the organization productivity audit…
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Wells Fargo Organization Audit
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Extract of sample "Wells Fargo Organization Audit"

Download file to see previous pages Center of discussion in this paper is Wells Fargo Company, a wide-reaching and diversified company that focuses on a society financial aid, compromising of almost $ 1.3 trillion assessed assets. The company enriches the society with proper banking systems, insurance services, investment ideas, mortgage aide to the society, as well as, commercial business centers that is approximately 9 thousand business stores. The company’s values, visualization, as well as, its mission have supported the company during the irregular financial periods, especially during the immense melancholy along with present financial downturn. The organization has a proven past of success, as well as, techniques on handling the hard times. Transformation management along with the capability to adapt to fresh environment is a fundamental choice for the organization in a period of time. The economic transformation methods have articulated quick transformations to the channels that organizations carryout their business in an economic industry that has a great impact on the multibillion dollar economic organizations. The organization has the responsibility of ensuring that its utmost organization management articulates a proper attention to the external environment that consists of the governmental, as well as legal transformations to the organizational level. Wells Fargo was started in the year 1852, and was initially located in San Francisco at the period of the gold rush. The vital intention of the stagecoach was to transfer gold along with other vital valuables (Abbott, Parker & Peters, 2004). II) General Statement of Results Computation of productivity Measures A. Benefits B. Total Benefits by Type for 2010–2011 C. Percentage of Total Benefits* D. Total Return on Investment E. Distribution of Return on Investment by Benefit Type Cost Operational and Run Savings $43,718,600 43% $28,825,667 $12,395,037 Revenue Collection Increases $58,358,800 57% $28,825,667 $16,430,630 Total Benefits Flow (before expenses) $102,077,400 100% — — Total Return on Investment (Net Present Value)** — — — $28,825,667 The exact personnel cost per employee against the precise productive hours per employee is what brings cost operation, while the exact personnel costs per employee against the sum of the productive hours results to total benefits flow. Lastly, the sum of personnel costs per employee against the sum of the productive hours is equal to total return on investment. Conceptually, Wells Fargo company has faired well in formulating a sense of effectiveness whenever administering the productivity of the company. Although not all the available eight fundamental factors may be functioning properly, there was not much found in the period of the audit that cannot be transformed into the best of the company. The company’s system management approach promotes the importance of educating managers so as, to understand the company’s overall system, with this they realize how certain actions affect the department with other units, and it recognizes both open as well as, closed systems. The closed system entertains self-contained and not concerned with outside influences the supportive subsystems work on acquisitions as well as functions within the company, where the acquisition involves; securing resources, this type of subsystems includes sales as well as marketing divisions, public relations units. III) Analysis of the organization productivity audit a) Policy The company has a productivity evaluation mission statement that is provided to all the available employees and is provided with first priority towards proper management in the company. The organization managers are supposed to provide productivity plans and missions that are associated with the company’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Wells Fargo Organization Audit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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