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HR Manual - Arcadia Group - Essay Example

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Arcadia Group HR Manual [Pick the date] Contents Introduction 3 Manpower Planning 3 Staff Sourcing 4 Recruitment Process 5 Employee Training & Development 6 Motivation 7 Communication 8 Stress Management 8 Introduction This manual is intended to provide guidelines for graduate induction, training and retention in merchandising department…
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HR Manual - Arcadia Group
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Extract of sample "HR Manual - Arcadia Group"

Download file to see previous pages For this purpose, this manual is intended to provide concrete set of guidelines to the managers in merchandising managers all across the groups and brands with regards to manpower planning, staff sourcing, recruitment, training and development, motivation, communication and stress management of fresh graduates. Manpower Planning Manpower planning is one of the integral activities in staff management. In this regard, all the managers in merchandising department are expected to have an account of their current staff and their future needs in terms of head count. Furthermore, where an employee is being promoted and there is a position available that is required to be filled, managers are expected to send their recommendations to HR department and an appraisal meeting of the nominee will be conducted with HR Manager, department manager and Department Heads to make a final decision. In addition to that, where an employee is leaving this organization, it is the responsibility of the department manager or team lead to make necessary notifications to HR department (in case where HR department is not included in electronic communication). In case of dissociation and employee departure, HR department will conduct exit interviews and will keep the input confidential until unless there arises a need to discuss any issue or problem with the department managers. Furthermore, department managers are expected to conduct bi-annual appraisals of the staff reporting to them (with the help of evaluation forms available with HR department). In case of fresh graduates, a report is required to be generated after ending of 6-months probation that would indicate if the employee can be retained further. Department managers are required to conduct a meeting with HR manager (or any other person assigned by HR manager) at the end of every quarter to analyze the current staffing needs and heads available in the department. As a result of this analysis, new induction, rotation, induction from other brands or group companies, and amalgamation of job roles may take place. In this meeting, succession planning will also be discussed at length followed by the outcomes of last appraisals, peer evaluations and 360 degree surveys. Staff Sourcing Like stated earlier, Arcadia group has a substantial employer branding and it has secured eminent positions in Times Employer Rankings. Therefore, attraction of potential talent is a convenient process that continues throughout the year. However, in order to attract top notch talent, we have following practices streamlined: 1) Arcadia Groups’ Career Portal 2) Other Web portals 3) Employee Referrals 4) On-Campus Recruitment 5) Referrals from Students’ Affairs departments of leading business schools 6) Outsourcing staff from other vendors Out of these practices, we have found employee referrals and on-campus recruitment to be the most practices for staff sourcing. In order to ensure that our campus recruitment campaigns meet our needs for fresh talent, it is suggested that managers share their requirements for additional staff with HR department in quarterly meetings i.e. April and August. This step is intended to ensure that we are aware of our requirements before actually beginning the mass recruitment cycle that would take place in the months of May and August (before ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(HR Manual - Arcadia Group Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words)
HR Manual - Arcadia Group Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
“HR Manual - Arcadia Group Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words”, n.d.
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