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Organizational learning and development report - Essay Example

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Electrocom Limited is faced by the market pressure and a need to allow for organizational learning and development instead of employees learning and development. For Electrocom Limited to change its current tactics of employee learning and development to organizational learning and development it needs to apply several methodologies. …
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Organizational learning and development report
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Download file to see previous pages Organization learning and development has been viewed in different perspective by different individuals and organizations. Organizational development is concerned with improve a business’s performance and personal development of its workers. Each business should be perceived as a coherent system made up of different parts. Organizational development as a procedure comprises of methodologies and gains in tactical arrangement, organizational plan, headship development, training, variety and balance between employment and life (Kozlowski & Salas 2009, p. 48). Learning is gained either from the individual level or team level. Organization learning and development can be summarized by figure one and two. In reference to Kozlowski and Salas (2009, p. 28) work, an organization may learn formally or informally: Informal Learning is the learning that the organization sets its targets, goals, and objectives to be achieved by itself while in formal learning, the organizations departments sets their targets, goals, and objectives and how to achieve them within the given time frame. However, both formal and informal learning is not involved with the learning but rather the person who directs the organization towards the achievement of the set goals and objectives. Informal learning relies on four main organization’s principles, which include context, cognizance, experimental, and relationship. Relationship learning occurs from interaction of individual or organization during their production. Cognizance learning occurs when an organization intents to learn about an aspect or a situation occurrence has forced the organization to learn. Context learning occurs outside the formal learning setting that is from either observing how differently thing are done by other organizations. Lastly experimental learning happen when an organization experiments a procedure/process then draws conclusion from the results achieved (Kozlowski & Salas, 2009, p. 30). Figure one below summarizes formal and informal learning activities. Figure 1 Factors Facilitating Learning in Organizations Learning can be described and expressed in different ways, individuals and organization can use different approaches in learning. Learning is a combination of cognitive and a behavioral procedure whereby new ideas end up to new behaviors and/or new actions lead to new ideas. Cognitive and behavioral change may happen simultaneously to improve concepts or may be separated by a time lag. The difference between a mere undirected action and learning is that cognitive development is either a pre-action incident or a result of innovated actions or capabilities. Learning is progressively seen as an active, public, and dynamic procedure, passed through individuals reflecting and acting together. The quality of learning socialization between people and societies is a major resource that needs to be grown and sustained. Learning has a close connection with knowledge; it is the procedure that brings on a change in cognition and/or behavioral actions. Know how is dynamic; it happens to be useful, and picks on significance as an employee applies it to the organizational challenges. The concept of knowing refers to employees’ capability to advance, combine, and exchange their thoughts and expertise ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I didn’t know how to start my essay. "Organizational learning and development report" helped me out a lot! Especially the list of structure was valuable.

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