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Individual Project Research - Creativity and Standards Task - Essay Example

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Introduction Communications and Network Engineering sphere is regarded as one of the most potential and promising sphere of the IT. It is explained by the fact that the communications have already proved its reliability, high modernization capacity, as well as marketing application and adaptation capability…
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Individual Project Research - Creativity and Standards Task
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Download file to see previous pages The standards, included into the review, are regarded as the part of the world’s technological development, and it is hard to imagine the scientific, practical, and educational aspects of engineering and communication without accepting the unified standards. As for the organizations and companies, included into the research, the paper is intended at analyzing the usefulness of these organizations for the entire engineering sphere, as well as for the network development, and computer communication technologies in particular. Technical project management part of the paper is focused at arranging proper training, education, and qualification improvement as a communications and network-engineering specialist. Standards and Organizations The key organizations that set up communications and network engineering standards are not restricted with the national borders. Considering the global nature of the communication technologies, it should be emphasized that the actual importance of the standards is explained by the necessity to keep the technologies, as well as new projects, compatible with the different Operational Systems, devices, and equipment. On the one hand, these standards may restrict some innovative initiatives; on the other hand, standards are aimed at preventing the war of formats. Considering the key standards of the communication and network engineering, it should be emphasized that the actual importance of the standardization is closely associated with the opportunity to prevent particular engineering disputes, and lead the R&D efforts in the single direction. The list of the most significant standards of the computer communication and network engineering sphere are mainly linked with the data safety, information exchange principles, problem diagnosis, and data structuring aspects of the engineering process. Therefore, the key standards are as follows: 1. ISO / IEC 18028-4: 2005. The key objective is to improve the data transmission safety options, and guarantee the reliability of the computer communication protocols. This standard is helpful for developing protected communication projects, as well as increasing the encryption level of the confidential information. 2. ISO / IEC 14165-241: 2005. Fibre channel development regulation is intended at adapting the communication process for the optical fibre technology. Despite of the fact that optical networks are regarded as the best option for high speed data transmissions, the technology stays expensive enough. Developing this standard is essential for improving the quality of the connections, as well as advancing the technical aspect, and making the technology cheaper. 3. ISO / IEC 18092: 2004. NFCIP-1 communication control is essential for synchronizing and regulating the device communication process on comparatively low frequencies. Therefore, while high frequencies are featured with comparatively high energy consumption, the improvement of the 13.56 MHz technology is significant for lowering the energy consumption, as well as reducing losses common for the high frequency transmission. 4. ISO 13400-1: 2011. Diagnostic communication standards are essential for developing the solution tools, needed for defining vehicle interface communication problems. Working with this standard can be helpful for increasing technological and problem-solving experience, which can be applied to any network engineerin ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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