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Relationaship between Work and Non-Work Life - Essay Example

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This essay will clearly scrutinize the relationship between work and non-work life. Initially,it will give clear understanding about work and non-work issues, and then it will focus on relation between work and non-work portion,spill over benefits and costs of work and non-work situation, and neutrality…
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Relationaship between Work and Non-Work Life
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Extract of sample "Relationaship between Work and Non-Work Life"

Download file to see previous pages This section will clarify the work and non-work issues in order to create clear understanding. Individual have to handle challenging issues in work and non-work life. Such activities include job, stress, family, children, different roles, social activities, and workload among others. Consequently absenteeism, mental illness, conflicts become prevalent as the challenges increases. Achieving “balance” in work and non-work life means, ability of individuals to make good interaction between work and non-work life without undermining the satisfactory performance of one domain by another (Noon & Blyton, 2007). In recent years, there is an increasing trend of involvement of spouses and family members in the work force, which brings a role conflict among people. Everyone tends to be very busy with workload and focus less on individual roles such as in the family decisions. This situation is increasing stresses and misunderstandings among the family members, which is becoming a major contributor to absenteeism, low employee morale, high accident and turnover rates, decreased productivity, and increased company medical expenses. Stress is viewed not just as a function of being under pressure in an occupational sense, but also as a function of an individual’s whole life situation (Cooper et al., 1988). Moreover, work and non-work balancing will help workers to balance between work and family demands, which will in turn increase the productivity and business profitability (Glass & finley, 2002). finley, 2002). However, there is huge effect of non-work life on work life and vice versa. A happy non-work such as family and social life can help individuals to handle challenges in work life too. Therefore, it can be argued that, the relationship between work and non-work is two-way. Marks et al. (2001) and Gutek et al. (1991) posit that work life influences the non-work life in many different ways and vice-versa, because of the financial dependency on jobs and less flexibility in job schedules. Therefore, it has been a challenge for the employees to make balance between these two. Job satisfaction is highly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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