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Work & non-work - Essay Example

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Management within business scope may refer to coordination of available resources of human capital; financial capital, technology and natural resources, and other inputs such as time to achieve a predefined goal. …
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Work & non-work
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Download file to see previous pages This would call for effective planning, that is, creation and maintenance of a working strategy or policy, combined with organizing the available resources and leading/ directing the work force and finding the best combination of resources and capital to match them with the available time span of the project (Drucker & Maciariello, 2008). Effective work management should help both the team members and the management to understand and organize their work better; evolve into a more collaborative process that gives individuals control over what to do and when to do it, and in one way or the other promote specialization to ensure that employees do what they understand best (Easterby-Smith & Thorpe, 2008). This promotes democratization at work place empowering workers to give maximum value giving management the visibility to the totality of the project and other works, and to create workplace harmony by enfranchising workers and/ or and demonstrating the innovative aspect of each worker at his/her unit. From this we can define work as sustained physical or mental effort; energy expanded by natural phenomenon whereby one exerts strengths or faculties to solve a given problem, or the specific duties and assignments performed by one as means of livelihood and means to achieve a predetermined and mutually beneficial objective. Non-work on the other hand can be viewed as the other activities that do not directly involve exertion of energy/ faculties but are in line with human development process and help to promote productivity (Creager, 2011), time spent away from the chore duties in daily life or work life; usually for pleasure and refreshment or reflection of the previous periods, a prerequisite for productivity at work place. The greater prevalence of single parenthood and dual careers in the workforce has resulted employees trying to juggle between demands at home and work which can result into work- family conflict, where demands of home and work interfere with each other making it difficult to combine both activities. This paper will analyze the various job-related relationships, their merits and demerits; causes and their impacts to the work and family environments, evaluation of jobs in relation to technology, social stratification, gender and the nature of the job. Spillover Spillover in this context may refer to the overall impacts of individuals work life, positive and negative, in relation to their personal growth and development and/ or family life, that is, how the individual’s work- perceived emotions affect his/her life and the impacts in other social structure/ environment around him/ her. Spillover can largely be influenced by the need to maintain a work-life balance which involves prioritization, planning and personal organization on career and profession/ lifestyle, that is, pleasure, leisure, spiritual development and meditation and/or health (Young, 2012). A perfect combination of these factors will ensure individual performs best at work and in other areas, for instance, good health will ensure an individual performs his/her duties correctively and timely despite the field that one is in as long as there is effective training. The spillover can be positively felt within individual’s social structure, the family and the society, and in the work place in that a clear career definition helps individual plan responsibilities and allocate ample time within the cause of the day, month, or annually; giving him/her time to attend to other functions which are essential for human development (Reis & Sprecher, 2009). For instance, work spillover can be felt through the non-work effects of relaxation of leisure, that is, when an individual has had a break from his natural duties at work (Levis, 2011), ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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