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Attracting and Retaining Local Workers - Thesis Example

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ATTRACTING AND RETAINING LOCAL WORKERS Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Background 3 Introduction 3 Problem Statement and Research Questions 4 Rationale for Undertaking this Research 6 Hygiene / Motivation Theory of Herzberg 6 Literature Review 8 Concept and Evolution 8 Concept of Local Workers 9 Work Conditions 9 Experiences of Local Workers in NGO 10 Local and Expatriates 10 HR…
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Attracting and Retaining Local Workers
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Extract of sample "Attracting and Retaining Local Workers"

Download file to see previous pages NGOs are funded by various organizations such as government, private companies, individuals and self help associations. In 1997, Fisher has pointed out that steady rise of NGOs has captivated imagination of policymakers, social activists and local government. Research on consumer psychology shows that NGOs are generally idealized as “doing good” initiatives. International NGOs use various techniques for managing and hiring local labors. In general case Nongovernmental organizations distribute fringe benefits such as healthy working condition, higher pay and shorter hours in order to attract and retain local employees. Private level social organizations offer higher pay package in comparison to government agencies. International NGOs use flexible recruitment and selection process in order to hire local people. Introduction Very few researchers have contributed in the field of quantitative evaluations of employee retention due to intangible nature of benefits offered by nongovernmental organizations. Academic studies have revealed that employee retention strategy varies in accordance to nature of project accomplished by a particular NGO. In 2003, Kremer has pointed out that educational outcome such as knowledge sharing plays cordial role for NGOs to positive image among local people. In 2002, Kremer, Moulin, and Namunyu has described that NGOs working in Kenya, South Africa and Uganda provides textbooks, uniforms and foods to local employees in order to attract and retain them. In 2003, Duflo and Kremer have argued about the benefits employee retention programs implemented by NGOs. According to them detailed research by NGOs is needed before deciding any strategy specially designed in order to attract and retain employees. In 2002, Mendelson and Glenn have argued that NGOs practicing employee retention strategy achieve better performance in comparison to others. Problem Statement and Research Questions In 1998, Lewis has pointed out that role of NGOs have been changed in recent time in accordance to global context. Now days NGOs are actively participating in not only social welfare but contributing to international development also. International NGOs operating in Africa are playing significant role in various issues such as deciding the dynamics of government policy, contributing to sustainable development of the country and implementing social change in larger context. Such issues have forced various researchers (such as Edwards and Hulme in their paper published in 1995, Brett in 1993) to investigate performance and management of NGOs operating in Africa (Mukasa, 1999). In 1988, Campbell has found that NGOs operating autonomously in both southern and northern Africa receive donation from business houses, independent donor agencies. Although many researchers have tried to explore operational efficiency of NGOs operating in Africa but very few of them tried to explore internal issues such as tension between local people and expatriates regarding nature of work, employee retention strategy adopted by various NGOs and other significant issues. Very few researchers have tried to explore motivation and perception of employees about the working environment of international NGOs operating in Africa. In 1992, research scholars such as Billis and MacKeith have tried to address ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Attracting and Retaining Local Workers Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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