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Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Poster 1 3 Poster 2 4 Poster 3 5 1.2. Strategic Management: A Brief Elucidation 9 1.3. Strategic Management and Health Care Organisations: Important Connection 10 1.4. Strategic Management Process: A Brief Description 10 1.5…
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Strategic management and some of its tools
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Download file to see previous pages 26 (a) Introduction 26 You might include 26 Aims of the paper 26 Definition of strategic management 26 Importance of strategic management in health/social care organisation 26 Description of strategic management process 26 Description of strategic management tools used in organisations 26 Brief description of strategic management activities of your organisation 26 Very brief description of the strategic management tools used in your organisation 26 When you are writing the introduction you should select material from a wide range of appropriate sources (e.g. text books, journal papers, your organisational documents) in order to develop a line of argument. 26 (b) Discussion or body of the paper 26 The body of the paper can be thought of as a series of building blocks that escort the reader step by step through your argument. This is the part where you report on your reading, weigh up arguments for and against a proposition, and present the evidence. You need to integrate theory and facts from your organisation to develop your argument. Discussion or the body of the paper should have subtitles. You might include: 26 Detailed description of the strategic management tools (e.g. ...
26 Description of strategies formulated after the analysis 26 Discussion on usefulness/limitations of the tool/tools used ( integrate theory and the facts from your organisation to argue your case) 26 Description/evaluation of role of strategic leadership (i.e. leadership role your management play) in both strategy formulation and implementation in your organisation. ( integrate theory and the facts from your organisation to develop your argument). The role of strategic management may include 26 Poster 1 BULLYING IN THE WARD FIRST SECOND THIRD Introduction One of the concerns of the staffs pertains to bullying. This has been raised several times in the weekly meeting. This is a big hindrance in providing high quality care to the patients. Problem Bullying has created negative mark in the interpersonal relationships of the Staff. It has affected the nurse-nurse relationships which is crucial in providing high quality care to patients which is the primary goal of the Hospital. Method Using SWOT analysis, one of the threats identified is bullying. It is important that this is address as it results into job dissatisfaction among some of the Staff. This information is gained from the weekly meeting being conducted by the Department. Discussion Nurse-nurse relationship is one of the most crucial relationships in ensuring that high quality care s delivered to the patients. If nurse-nurse relationship is hounded by bullying, it causes job dissatisfaction, distrust among co-workers, reduces collaborative effort among the staff, decreases commitment, stress among the staff, and physical illness that can lead from being absent from work (Bigony et al 2009). This situation is critical as bullying in the workplace, in this case, in the ward can result into poor judgment on the part ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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