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This is 14 different Literature analysis's that would be used in a thesis. Each completed review is 3/4 a page in length - Research Paper Example

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Chen, Beck, and Amos (375-379) studied Leadership Styles and Nursing Faculty Job Satisfaction in Taiwan. They claimed that most nursing faculties choose the leaders depending on academic performance, which results in unprepared or incompetent nursing deans and department heads…
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This is 14 different Literature analysiss that would be used in a thesis. Each completed review is 3/4 a page in length
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Extract of sample "This is 14 different Literature analysis's that would be used in a thesis. Each completed review is 3/4 a page in length"

Download file to see previous pages 18 schools offering nursing programs participated and 286 of the 400 distributed, which was equivalent to of 73% response, 93.7% being female while 18% were males aged 31-40 years and from different positions. On the other hand, Chen, Beck, and Amos (378-379) found out that leadership style affects job satisfaction. In Taiwan, faculty nurses perceived that nursing deans and directors preferred transformational as opposed to transactional leadership. However, the nursing faculties preferred use of transactional leadership, which results in contingent compensation and most were thus unsatisfied with wide usage of transformational leadership which characterized by individualized consideration. The study concluded that there was need for improvement in training and development programs to eliminate the variance in job satisfaction in faculty nursing in Taiwan. This study relates to my study since it examines how leadership style affects job satisfaction. Ram and Prabhakar (40-55) did a study on Leadership Styles and Perceived Organizational Politics as Predictors of Work Related Outcomes. The study investigated how the perceptions on organizational politics affected job satisfaction, job involvement, turnover intentions, and job stress. The study entailed interviewing 310 employees from Telecom Jordan from different management positions of whom 217 were male and 93 were female of varying ages. The data was analyzed using SPSS and descriptive statistics such as Means and Standard deviation. Ram and Prabhakar (51-53) found that perceptions of organization politics affected job involvement, job satisfaction, turnover intentions, and job stress. Additionally, the study showed that transformational leadership results in positive perceptions on job involvement and job satisfaction but affected turnover involvement and job stress negatively. However, transactional leadership positively affects job perceptions in organization politics, which affected and job stress and turnover intentions. The study failed to examine other features of political perception affecting job satisfaction. However, the study is important to my research since it exhibit how leadership affects political perceptions hence job satisfaction. Ghorbanian, Bahadori, and Nejati (1-7) did another study on the relationship between managers’ leadership styles and emergency medical technicians’ job satisfaction. The study aimed at examining the leadership styles used by managers and the job satisfaction amongst emergency medical technicians. The study made use of descriptive and cross-sectional methods and involved 21 managers and 87 emergency medical technicians selected from three stations in Isfahan city in Iran. Data was collected using Multiple Leadership Questionnaire and analyzed using Job Descriptive Index to explore satisfaction levels. The study showed that there is a relationship between leadership style and job satisfaction and that most emergency medical technicians related to transformational leadership as compared to transactional leadership style. Though some managers and technicians related to laissez-faire management style, there was no connection between this leadership style and job satisfaction. Ghorbanian, Bahadori, and Nejati (6-7) concluded that policy makers in health sectors should focus on implementation of transformational leadership to increase job satisfaction amongst medical emergency staff. The study relates to my study since it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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This Is 14 Different Literature analysis'S That Would Be Used in a Research Paper.
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