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The Impacts Employee Motivation has on Organisationalperformance - Dissertation Example

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Employee Motivation and Organizational Performance Table of Contents CHAPTER I - Introduction 4 1.1 Defining Motivation 4 1.2 Insurance Industry: A brief overview 5 1.3 Chinese Insurance Industry 6 1.4 Chinese Life Insurance Company: A Brief Overview 6 1.5 Research Question 7 1.6 Objectives of the study 7 1.7 Research Hypothesis 8 CHAPTER II - Literature Review 8 2.1 Employee Motivation 8 2.2 Importance of motivation 11 2.3 Nature of motivation 12 2.4 Determinants of motivation 13 2.5 Types of Employee Motivation 13 2.6 Factors affecting Employees’ Motivation 15 2.7 Employee Motivation and Organizational Effectiveness 17 18 2.8 Motivational Theories 19 CHAPTER III - Research Methodology 21 …
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The Impacts Employee Motivation has on Organisationalperformance
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Download file to see previous pages A highly motivated employee is hugely productive in the context of the company. However on the other hand employees who are less motivated works less effectively (Management help, n.d.). The purpose of the study is to underpin the fact that how employee motivation helps an organization to get success in the market place. In other words the primary intention behind the study is to uncover the impacts employee motivation has on organizational performance. The topic was chosen on assessing the factors that are significant for an organization. Nevertheless the study revealed motivation as one of the crucial factor for an organization. ...
A primary research will be also carried out to get better insights of the topic. The report will be divided into five sections. The first section will be about the introduction to the vital concepts of the study, in the second section a literature review of the topic will be carried out. Once the literature review ends, the report will clearly depict the methodology to be followed for doing the research. The next section will be about data collection and analysis. In this section mainly primary data will be collected, analyzed and meaningful information will be portrayed. Finally the report will conclude, by answering the research questions and addressing the research objectives. 1.1 Defining Motivation Motivation is imperative for an organization as it offers large number of benefits. Some of the evident benefits of having a motivated workforce within the organization are increased productivity and improved efficiency, helps in achieving the organizational goals, creates a friendly relationship within the organization, makes the workforce stable, and it also assists in utilizing the resources properly. Furthermore it also offers other benefits in the context of an organization. It leads to high performance, reduces the employee turnover rate, decreases the rate of absenteeism, portrays a better organizational image, industrial relations become superior and it also helps the organization to get adapted with the changing business environment (Singla, 2011, p.389). Different employees join an organization with diversified needs and demands. The background of the employees such as education, culture, attitude, perception, values, beliefs and location and the way of their upbringing are different. The objective of every ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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