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International Managment - Essay Example

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I come from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and living and mingling with the residents of the Sydney, Australia, is itself a whole new experience for me. However, there is something that I have never experienced in my life before, the Zen meditation…
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International Managment
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Download file to see previous pages Zen meditation is all about focusing, inward, looking at yourself, your own soul and become one with oneself. This experience is a whole new philosophy that anyone can apply to any aspect of one’s life. Zen art has shown me the way, the true way to wisdom and knowledge and I’m not going to stop at any demented or passive thought of abandoning the journey of my life enlightenment. Zen is not just about seeing things as they are; mountains as mountains and rivers as rivers, it is much more than that (Borup, 2008). The second activity worth mentioning is giving an insight to others about my own country, Saudi Arabia. This time, I analyse my country as an outsider and see it in a different light. And show what secrets it holds for the people who are unfamiliar with this land that was once nothing but desert cones. But now the world knows Saudi Arabia as one of the key players in the world energy sector. There is so much more to discover in Saudi Arabia other than deserts and oil. There is only a little that the world knows about the people of Saudi Arabia, its culture, religion, food, the way people live and communicate with each other, and how recent developments have changed the life of Saudis. This is how it should be; people should recognize a country for its diversity and not for just a specific thing or two. A country is not its products, its natural resources but its people. Activity I: New Cultural Experience The Zen Meditation Impression It would be better to introduce Zen before delving into the details of its meditation. Zen is one of the many schools of Buddhists teachings, called Mahayana Buddhism ( China was the birthplace of this meditation but now this practice is world popular. Zen is the key to the great wisdom of Asia (Johnston, 2003), an inner art and “design of the Orient” (Reps & Senzaki, 1998, pp. 17-18). The art of Zen awakens the student to the art of formless (Merton, 1968, pp. 6-7), which also means not pondering at the pointed finger but observing what is being pointed at (Johnson, 2000, pp. 21-22). I have joined the Sydney Zen Center in Annandale, NSW. I’ve attended two gatherings there or more than two hours each. It has turned out to be a great cultural experience for me. I have come to know about the Chinese Buddhist culture and how it resonates in the life of an individual. The Zen philosophy is all about attaining inner peace, also known as enlightenment. The main focus is developing an insight into the Buddhist teachings. So it is not merely reciting some verses, or visiting the temple, it is about applying the principles of Zen in one’s life and seeing how it creates a difference in the everyday living. The first lesson given by the teacher was to defeat duality. I later read in book that the most important lesson of Zen is not to be dualistic (Suzuki, 2010). The feelings I experienced were incredible, I have never felt an inward observation towards my soul. Zen is magical and whoever journey’s it finds whatever they seek (Arokiasamy, 2005). The feelings were mostly of calm and peacefulness as if eliminating the negative energy out of one’s mind and filling it with the pure white energy. This white energy also fills the mind and the eyes, and that is how one starts to feel and see the world differently. The calmness of this energy put me to a state of mind where I stopped resisting and fighting for useless objectives. After the meditation session was over I felt as if we all engage in many ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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