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The practice of secondment and the goal of a more efficient and accepted implementation - Essay Example

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Name Date Course Section/# The Practice of Secondment and the Goal of a More Efficient and Accepted Implementation 1.1 Determine a management area for investigation that has an implication for a work related area. Secondment has come to exist as a means of providing a type of dual specialization and increased coverage in an organization where it would otherwise not exist…
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The practice of secondment and the goal of a more efficient and accepted implementation
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Download file to see previous pages As will be discussed in this analysis, workers on secondment are often reticent to exert their full potential and treat the assignment with the same rigor and determination that they are inclined to do in their normal work. Furthermore, due to this approach, efficiency is lost and with that lost efficiency, profitability for the organization is also lost. As such, it is management’s desire to recapture this lost efficiency and work to promote the role of secondments, although temporary, as an integral role within the organizational structure and work to change cultural and personal perceptions that currently exist within the organization. 1.2 Identify the aim, scope and objective of the project. The purpose of this brief analysis is to discuss the process of conducting a project as it would relate to the process of secondment in the United Kingdom. These current issues include, but are not limited to: issues of reduced efficiency due to employee distaste for the system, loss of overall profitability associated with the aforementioned loss of efficiency, and the overall reticence of employees throughout the organization to eagerly venture outside the norms and comforts of the routine they have grown accustomed to. As such, the purpose of this analysis will be to build a plan of action with relation to conducting a management project that is intended to better streamline and ensure the continued success of secondment; all the while working to reduce the negative aspects of the practice that have become so evident in company culture. 1.3 Justify the aim and objective of the project. The clear justification of this particular project is the direct need to redefine the process of secondment as something that can be a net positive for both parties involved and not a dreaded component of the work plan. As such, this analysis will draw upon the main goals of incentivizing the process in different ways, focusing on the needs of the employee and the employer, and maximizing the efficiency that had previously been lost due to dissatisfaction associated with interruption that secondment portends. The greater purpose intended is to create an environment in which secondment is looked upon in a different light; so that while valuable tangential work experience is obtained, the employee continues to maintain an open mind as to the process and is also mindful of the reward mechanisms that are associated with efficient and mindful implementation of the given secondment. 2.1 Identify sources of data and information for the project. For purposes of analysis as well as background information on secondment and the general views that are held with regards to it, this project has analysed multiple scholarly articles and journal entries which will work to shed a light on the common views regarding secondment, differing means of implementation, effects of employee distaste with the current system, specific shortcomings and strengths, loss of efficiency, and a multiplicity of ways in which the system might be improved. Secondly, in order to accurately measure the success of the project, a series of metrics will need to be established to measure employee response to the new rewards system which will be employed to foster success for secondment. Due to the fact that such a systemic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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