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Student number: Course: Professor: Date: Management research SPSS data analysis Following a study conducted by Southlands Components PLC (“SCP”) to investigate whether training of its employees has been effective in increasing output, analysis of the responses was done and the results are presented in this report…
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Management research SPSS data analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The results show that the satisfaction mean is higher than the commitment mean as shown in table 1. This means that on average employees of SCP are more satisfied than committed. Results on reliability of items in each scale show that items in both satisfaction and commitment are highly reliable (Alpha=0.953 & 0.965) respectively. Table 1: Summary statistics for satisfaction and commitment Mean Standard deviation Cronbach's Alpha N of Items Satisfaction 43.276 13.231 0.953 10 Commitment 37.287 13.239 0.965 10 Examining the distribution of initial output Table 2, presents summary results of initial output and it can be noted that the average initial output is 2207.632 units per month with a very high variability. Figure 1 show the distribution of initial output and it looks approximately normal with one possible extreme value. A formal test for normality presented in table 3 show that the distribution of initial output is significantly normal (p-value=0.222). Table 2: Summary statistics of initial output Initial output Value Mean 2207.632 Median 2195 Mode 1925.00(a) Std. Deviation 280.7786 Skewness 0.253 Std. Error of Skewness 0.247 Kurtosis -0.09 Std. Error of Kurtosis 0.49 a Multiple modes exist, the smallest value is shown Figure 1: Distribution of initial output Table 3: Test for normality of initial output Tests of Normality           Kolmogorov-Smirnov(a) Shapiro-Wilk   Statistic df Sig. Statistic df Sig. Initial output 0.052 95 .200 0.991 95 0.743 Possibility of outlying observation was checked and table 4 presents the five extreme z scores for initial output. None of the Z score is larger than 3.29 in absolute values so we can say that there are no outlying initial output values. However there is a Z score of 3.07 which might be of no harm to check the original dataset to confirm the true value (Field, 2009, p. 74). Table 4: Cases of extreme z scores for initial output Extreme Values       Case Number Value Z-score(initial output) Highest 1 58 3.07135 2 74 1.89604 3 98 1.86043 4 7 1.75358 5 61 1.68235 Lowest 1 3 -2.1819 2 85 -1.91479 3 55 -1.91479 4 37 -1.59425     5 89 -1.52302 A one-sample t-test was conducted to examine if “initial output” significantly differs from the national average of 2300 units per month. The result was very significant (p-value=0.002) implying that the average initial output at SCP is significantly lower than the national average of 2300. Table 5: One sample T test One-Sample Test           Test Value = 2300 t df Sig. (2-tailed) Mean Difference 95% Confidence Interval of the Difference Lower Upper Initial output -3.206 94 0.002 -92.3684 -149.566 -35.1709 Examining the distribution of final output The average final output was 2308.177 which is higher than the average for initial outcome presented in table 1. There is also high variability around this estimate. The distribution of final output as presented in figure 2 seems normal with two possible outlying observations. Z scores were used to assess outlying observations and the results show that there is one outlier (Z score=3.36675). Since I was unable to check if this outlier was as a result of data entry, I assumed it was not and it was replaced by the next highest score plus one. Table 6: Summary statistics for final output Final output Value Mean 2308.177 Median 2320 Mode 2120 Std. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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