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Abstract The study has been designed to establish the factors that deter females from taking up leadership and management positions and how this negatively impacts on the performance of organizations in Saudi Arabia. The research question is: Does insufficient self confidence, family conflicts, long working hours and stereotyping among women within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia affect their participation in leadership positions in organisations?…
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Empirical Research for female and management positions
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Download file to see previous pages The research found that the aspects of stereotyping, lack of self confidence and family conflicts have to be addressed in a positive light given that they dissuade females from taking up leadership and managerial positions in different organisations. It has been recommended that there is need to build confidence in women. Stereotyping against women should be redressed and women should be given more responsibility in their tasks. Table of contents Introduction 3 Literature review 3 Research question 5 Theoretical framework 5 Hypothesis 6 Method section 7 Study design 7 Population sample 7 Variables and measures 7 Data collection method 8 Limitations of the study 9 Data analysis and results 9 Discussion of results 11 Recommendations and conclusion 13 References 14 Introduction The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently embarked on an exercise to promote women in this country to occupy leadership positions in different organisations after realising that they can play distinctive roles in the economy as a whole. The authorities have seen the need to advance women into managerial positions while retaining vital aspects of cultural values along with heritage as they adapt to new positions in the dispensation of their roles in the workplace. The women in the region constitute only 15% of the workforce in the public sector, and this is mainly in the government and the educational sector. About 5% only of women working for the government hold decision making positions (Al-Munajjed, 2012). Basically, Saudi laws are based on the Shari’a which however guarantees women the right to work in different organisations. However, this law posits to the effect that females should work in an appropriate environment where for example they are not allowed to mix with men in a suspicious manner and they should not be exposed to sexual harassment by their male counterparts. It can be observed that there are few studies related to the question of why there are few women occupying senior leadership and management positions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, studies have shown that women in countries like the US show that women hold senior leadership and managerial positions and they are equally competent like their male counterparts. Against this background, it can be noted that it is important to carry out a study in order to establish the factors that discourage women from occupying leadership and managerial positions in organisations as well as to establish the distinctive role played by women to the economy. The study will also help in recommending measures that can be taken in order to promote women in the workplace in a bid to increase their recognition for leadership positions. Literature review The literature related to this research topic in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is limited and it can be seen that there is also limited information about this study in other countries. The major notable study related to this topic was carried out in the US but unfortunately, there is little comparison with other women managers from different parts of the globe (Moore, 2007). Therefore, there is need for carrying out research in a bid to establish the distinctive roles that women can play in the economy. This has to be done so as to be in a position to conceptualise and validate the unique roles that can be played by women ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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