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Management across Cultures in China NAME:DONGDONG COURSE: Management across culture STUDENT NO: K0253986 SUBMISSION DATE: 16th April 2012 WORD COUNT: 3,261 COUNTRY: CHINA Management across Cultures in China China is home to the oldest and most continuous culture worldwide…
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Managing across culture-China
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Download file to see previous pages Cognitively, behavioral differences alone cannot account for culture and this warrants an in depth consideration of the intentions of management across culture. The Impact of Globalization Globalization resulted in the world becoming smaller. One of the main factors specifically driving these changes in China is the Internet. The internet has enabled information to travel far making barriers of distance disappear. Businesses in one country are able to do their business with companies from around the world. A businessperson may communicate with a colleague halfway around the world. This as well as international travel is becoming more common. (Globalization for Business n.d.) Businesspeople form business relationships with people in different countries. However one barrier to this relationship is cultural difference: the values that may be acceptable in one culture may be counterproductive or even unacceptable in another. In the Peoples Republic of China, people have a view of managers that may differ from other cultures. (Branine 2011,p.226). In China managers in both private and foreign sectors are expected to be entrepreneurial, fluent, pragmatic, and flexible in both their native culture and that of their foreign investors. It is common to find “benevolent authoritarian” young managers in Chinese companies. Although this would seem as though the managers lack control of their subordinates to people of other cultures, Chinese employees expect their superiors to deploy leadership by living an exemplary life. This means that employees expect managers to lead by example, and managers who take an active role in operations and are hard working earn their employee’s respect and compliance. Generally speaking Chinese organizations tend to embody organizational characteristics which are being irrelevant in a globalized society. (Dumont 2012) Changes in Management across Chinese Culture Management characteristics within the Chinese culture are rapidly changing especially in the private sector. Traditionally, loyalty remained within families or groups however, this is transforming drastically due to the mobility of labor within foreign firms. Currently once an employee acquires a certain level of experience in a particular field , his or her employment options open up widely especially in the large coastal cities of Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing This shows employment loyalty is no longer as important as experience and labor mobility. (Branine 2011, p.227). How Chinese managers carry out their duties In various cultures and countries managers consistently play different roles. In China, a successful cross-cultural manager needs to realize that every individual has a distinct role to play in the organization. The ability for employees to effectively carry out their roles helps to keep order within the organization. Managers may carry out their duties in their respective manner and even function with unlimited power. In some instances, they may use an intermediary to solve problems with their staff or do it themselves, speaking to individual employees privately. (Branine 2011, p.247). Due to these cultural aspects, management across such cultures is hectic and requires tolerance and perseverance. Changes in China’s cultural adaptability China’s cultural adaptability is improving rapidly in spite of her traditional medium of cultural ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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