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Mangement case study - Research Paper Example

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Management Case Study Name of the Writer Name of the Institution Never Having to Say ‘You Never Know’ Introduction Hiring a candidate for an available position in the enterprise is one of the most underestimated tasks that a Human Resources Manager can handle…
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Mangement case study
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Management Case Study of the of the Never Having to Say ‘You Never Know’ Introduction Hiring a candi for an available position in the enterprise is one of the most underestimated tasks that a Human Resources Manager can handle. Most HR managers and associates are so overworked and overwhelmed at the number of applications they receive for positions that they spend a major part of their workday disqualifying candidates that do not fit the job and experience profile, before they can proceed to compile a list of most likely candidates. Considering the time and cost of sifting through every application, this tedious task is usually handed over to an Intern or HR Assistant. In some instances even a computer is used to sift through required keywords. But as we shall see, the experienced eyes and minds of alert HR managers are often able to spot anomalies and point out discrepancies that may not be evident to an inexperienced outsider. How to Approach a Candidate’s Job Application and Interview The scenarios described in the case study while a bit shocking, are not too uncommon at all. In fact it is getting to be a real challenge to sift truth from falsehood and braggadocio from actual accomplishments. Sometimes the HR manager is forced to play the role of detective as he or she personally dives into the case of a promising looking candidate to separate facts and embellishments. While every prospective candidate is trying to portray themselves in their best light, some go overboard and really believe the lies they print. Of course they are going to cover or hide their weak spots as well. One of the best ways to approach a candidate’s job application is first to go over it summarily, seeing that he or she fits the age, profile and experience desired in potential candidates. The age, qualifications and experience level of the candidates are then checked. Previous employers can be contacted to verify stated details of departments and positions employed at, details of responsibilities undertaken and tenure of job etc. Salary can be checked if that is an important factor in the current job. Some gaps may be evident if the resume is put into chronological order, especially when it is a functional resume. Overstatement of position and responsibilities are common embellishments just to appear more worthy on paper. But outright lying cannot be condoned, nor hiding details that may reflect on your demeanour, work attitude or ability to get along with others. Even if you were in jail, say so and why. Some employers will be glad you told the truth, even though it may be verified later. Steps to Be Followed in the Interview Process The instance of Becton Dickinson not to look up Seymour Schlager’s name in criminal records was a faux pas, but one that can easily be overlooked in the light of his other experiences and accomplishments. While a prison record is no reason to automatically disqualify a candidate, it is the concealment of the fact that some employers will frown upon. Obviously common sense would indicate that employers would not usually look kindly upon such an instance, but some would appreciate the honesty and themselves judge if the candidate is worthy of employment after further psychological tests. It depends on the nature of the offence and the circumstances of the crime. Age and immaturity have also have been a factor, as well as acting in self defence. It is sad but true that former criminals wanting to re-enter normal society have to bear and uncover this scar every time they apply for a job. While interviewing candidates, the interviewer should primarily conduct a Mixed Interview, where he gets some basic details down or verifies personal details about qualifications and work history, details of experiences stated etc. Where there are doubts, further questions asked in detail about the given assignment should soon expose the candidate like job tenure, colleagues in the department, name and contact of supervisor for verification etc. A mixed interview also allows the candidate to talk openly and in confidence in a one-on-one face to face meeting (Noe et al., 2010). If anything is imparted in confidence, such as a criminal record, it is up to the interviewer and higher management to discuss the issue and its possible impact on the organization and co-workers. The case of outright lying is another matter altogether. It speaks of an ill-adjusted personality, often so full of itself that it hurts. The experienced HR professional will soon catch on to this instance and tear the resume to shreds. Even if the candidate makes it through to an Interview, grilling about past experiences and how one would react if faced with such and such instance on the job would eventually expose the candidate. Granted that the most important selection attributes are likability, good fit and productivity potential; some candidates hone and perfect these attributes so well in their initial meetings that the more important aspects of skill or job performance can take a backseat. In the case of Pinpoint Networks Inc. Christian and Timber were not allowed to complete their job, leading to the fiasco that followed in its IPO and the subsequent layoffs. Hiring a CEO should be done very carefully indeed, as performance of capability may not be evident at the starting point as Rensis Likert has pointed out that we generally use the time span of discretion method in dealing with CEO evaluations. Other Steps to Verify Accuracy and Authenticity of Candidates In these days of high volumes of resumes, it pays to hire the services of professional verification firms like Christian and Timber. They are often experts at uncovering details or verifying the truth of what has been reported on resumes. Looking at college yearbooks, Face book and Twitter accounts and even studying a candidate’s credit card history can give important insights about a candidate’s suitability for a position. No one would hire a cashier deeply in debt having a previous record of embezzlement. A series of interviews, verified resumes and even a little psychological testing are not too much to ask when hiring candidates to which you will entrust your office, its assets and records for the major part of their workday. A combination of interviews taken by HR, the functional or departmental head and a cross functional head is likely to reduce bias and the halo effect that one might have on a particular interviewer. References Noe, R., Hollenbeck, J., Gerhart, B. & Wright, P. (2010). Human Resource Management, 7/e. New York: McGraw-Hill, Irwin. Read More
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