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Why did you choose Management as your course in college - Essay Example

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The article that was written by The Princeton Review entitled Business Administration/Management particularly made me interested about the course of Management. …
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Why did you choose Management as your course in college
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Download file to see previous pages This interest because well, I would like to be a boss someday! Who would not want to be a boss anyway? I believe I can be a boss because I know I have a good leadership skill which is required to become a boss. But of course I have to learn the science as well which the course Management will provide. The article succinctly explained what the Management course is all about. That it is “the coordination of human, material, and financial resources to accomplish organizational goals.” A major in business administration/management will provide that goal”. It was impressed to me that a Management major is about leadership and providing direction which I am really good at. Managers coordinate the resources of an organization from its human resource to its materials to achieve a certain objective of which I am very keen on doing in the future. I also checked on the skill sets required and I particularly liked Management because it encourages one to be a generalist than to be a specialist in order to be effective. It meant, knowing a little of something about a lot of things. The course, as the article explained, is a “thorough grounding in the theories and principles of accounting, finance, marketing, economics, statistics, human resources functions, and decision-making. You’ll come away a whiz on how to budget, organize, plan, hire, direct, control, and otherwise manage various organizations”.  I am very comfortable with this because it allows me to see the bigger picture of an organization and understand the various functions and relationships of various functions on how it relates to the objective of an organization. Being a generalist, Management majors I believe are easily employable. It is because their knowledge and skill sets are applicable to a lot of areas in an organization. The course involves understanding finance, human resources, leadership and including systems which I could easily fit in when I will be joining an organization. This adaptability or easy employability is important especially today when jobs are getting rarer. This is course will give me an edge of being easily employed after I graduate college. In addition, Management course is also a good preparation to become a boss in an organization or even run my own business someday. It is because the training and education involved the various aspects of a company which is very applicable in real business. It is unlike other courses that we study which disinterests me because I do not find its use in the real world. The course Management is grounded on business reality and I am sure it will interest me when I am taking the course. The course will also teach me how to become smart in making and handling money which I believe is very important today. It is not enough just to have a job or business but it is also equally important to know how to handle one’s money and finances. I believe this practical skill and knowledge is part of the course Management which would teach me not only how to budget my money but also on how to reinvest them to make more money. Also, the need for Management is everywhere not only in the office or business setting. It can be used in daily life such as planning an event or a project. For example, Management can also be used in organizing parties. I believe there is one aspect in Management called Project Management which teaches students how to organize events and projects and this is very helpful not only in the work setting. The course will not only educate me on how to do a certain job in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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