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Exploring the Link between Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Individual Performance in a Further Education College - Dissertation Example

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Organization Learning: Exploring the Link between Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Individual Performance in a Further Education College By Dissertation Presented to the Universtiy Name Year Table of Contents 1. Abstract 2. Introduction Rationale of the Study Problem statement 3…
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Exploring the Link between Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Individual Performance in a Further Education College
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Extract of sample "Exploring the Link between Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Individual Performance in a Further Education College"

Download file to see previous pages Results 6. Conclusion Recommendations Scope for Future Study Abstract Organizational learning is the study about an organizations learning process. It includes how the organization learns from its former mistakes, gain insight on various aspects of management from their past actions and how they implement certain changes for the future based on these lessons. The modern trends in today's business environment like globalization, technical dependence and extreme marketing activities affect every organizations culture and structure to a certain extent. Understanding about an organizations learning capacity as a whole in adapting to these new trends will determine how far organizational learning is important to gain competitive advantage over others. The link between organization learning, the performance of the employees and the knowledge gained about the process is not explored in detail in organizational learning literature. The project will focus on exploring this missing link and attempt to underline how far organizational learning enhances the process knowledge of their employees on the whole. A Community College or a Further Education College in UK is selected as the point of research. ...
Narrative analysis method is used to explore the data collected and draw conclusions. Our results state that organizational learning or organizational learning influences the staff working for the college to a substantial level. People who tend to fall back in following the authority’s procedure also heed to organizational learning when it comes to mission, trust level and participating in the big picture or goal of the company and accessing the various technologies used to implement the same. Introduction Organizational learning and organizational culture are usually interlinked. Every organization has to learn from its past actions, from its competitors, customers and the ever changing business environment both internal and external. This learning is important for them to adapt to the new changes and stay ahead of their competitors. Organizational learning or organizational learning refers to how collective learning is garnered in every company or institution. Various processes are concerned with it starting from reflection of the past actions to analyzing the future plans based on the knowledge gained from the previous decisions. For an organization to grow as a whole this knowledge should be passed on to the groups in general even though the idea or knowledge insight might have occurred to one single person (Argyris & Schon, 1978; Kezar, 2005). Business field is closely related to organizational learning as much of the research done in the area comes from analyzing various MNC's and their performances. Businesses keep evolving constantly paving way for continuous organizational learning both among the employees as well as the higher management. On the other hand, there are various other fields starting from government offices to educational ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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