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Impacts of Critical and Postmodern Ideas on Managerial Behaviours - Essay Example

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The essay explores impacts of Critical and Postmodern Ideas on Managerial Behaviours. Effective management is among the integral determinants of existence, functioning, and survival of all modern organizations. Contemporary managers must be well equipped with necessary attitudes…
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Impacts of Critical and Postmodern Ideas on Managerial Behaviours
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Extract of sample "Impacts of Critical and Postmodern Ideas on Managerial Behaviours"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "Impacts of Critical and Postmodern Ideas on Managerial Behaviours" concerns the Postmodern Ideas and their influence on Managerial Behaviours. It thus follows that postmodern managers face enormous challenges from the corporate culture, subjectivities of employees, and quality management among others. The call for renewed charisma, soul, and leadership also surrounds the primary control of postmodern managers. This paper seeks to discuss how critical and postmodern ideas influence and change the behaviours of managers. In addition, the paper discusses the five managerial mindsets related to postmodernism and critical ideas and the four principles of postmodernism and critical ideas. Analyzing the critical and postmodern ideas, it is evident that they conform to the five basic managerial mindsets, specifically aiming to transform organizations, people, contexts, and systems. Other leadership mindsets also applicable for managers include analytic, worldly, reflective, catalytic, and collaborative mindsets. For the effective performance of managers, it is imperative that they gain a profound understanding of personal management styles, thus the reflective mindset. This perception was an effort to broaden perspectives, which essentially considers managers’ representation to others, their weaknesses and strengths, and the present management capabilities and skills. According to critical and postmodernism ideas with reference to autonomy, managers may attain perfect skills. Through the assessment of intrinsic differences and similarities, contemporary managers need to gain important knowledge on their organizational performance in comparison with other organizations as part of the analytic mindset (Boje and Dennehy, 2008:68). This is evident from the systematic application of structures, delivery, sourcing, and strategies. One of the aspects of critical and postmodernism when dealing with these issues is diffusion of traditional organizational boundaries. In addition, the worldly mindset guides manages in business navigation systems. It provides a comprehensive evaluation of the position of the managers in the complex system that integrates political, social, and economic forces. Managers apply skills and knowledge to enhance their understanding of the dynamics and paradigms of ‘systems change’ and encourage managers to design creative solutions. According to critical and postmodernism ideas, temporal and spatial diffusion of information to flexible and loose networks of semi-autonomous work teams influence the development of the managerial mindset, and thus behaviour. The appreciation of working relationships is the central focus of the collaborative mindset (Thompsons, 2007:9). Essentially, this mindset is a measure based on the response to challenging issues in coordination, relationship building, negotiation, and knowledge management. Lastly, the catalytic mindset involves efforts to achieve and effect changes. This mindset focuses on action and integration, meaning a transition to action from theory. In this particular ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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