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Strategic Information System - Research Paper Example

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Running Head: Strategic Information System Name: Instructor: Institution Affiliation: Date: Strategic Information System Introduction Strategic information management system is a working system designed with intent to help or aid a company’s organizational management and its ancient ways to respond and fit to the changing business setting as reflected by structure and strategy of the firm…
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Strategic Information System
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Download file to see previous pages However, a good number of organizations continue to face great challenges in their attempts to integrate information technologies and in their efforts to improve on decision making and sharing of information. These challenges can be attributed to the fact that in the event of the design and implementation of the system, most companies lay more emphasis on the role and function of information system and less attention to the company’s structure and processes of the firm. It is worth noting that a greater percentage of information system failures arise not because of technology but because less concentration is paid on organizational aspects such as practises and processes. This paper seeks to review information theories and their significant role in understanding information systems in management of organisations. It will further seek a deeper understanding of laws governing information systems with particular attention to enforcement and use of the information systems in the United Kingdom. Finally, a reassessment on information system control will be conducted. To undertake this study, it is important to review various information theories. ...
ciples and practices of a management in the daily activities of a business firm with a desire and passion to achieve set goals and with a mission to minimize expenses while maximizing returns and make huge returns for the company. “Business management theory entails the use of resources such as human labour financial technology and natural resources” (Hunter 2009). It is important to note that proper allocation of resources is vital in order to achieve utmost productivity for the business. Business management theory involves the analysis and evaluation of the business activities by the managerial authority with an objective of making an effective decision that will help contribute to the progress of the business. Decision making involves scheduling, organizing, setting course and controlling. The skills play a major role in the development and progress of a business. All these skills helps in the management and formulating new strategies that helps to achieve better goals together in addition to evaluation of performance to a set objective and supervision and control of resources such as workers in order to accomplish the business aim. Socio-technical systems theory “Social-technical systems theory views an organization as having a duty to perform a task whose objectives can best be achieved if the social, fiscal and technical aspects are mutually optimized” (porter 1998). Under this approach seven concepts are linked. Organizations should be viewed as co-dependent socio-technical structure. The theory utilizes interactive technical and social aspects; this implies that in drafting the structure of an organization both the technical and social aspects must be put into consideration. It is vital to note that where technology alone is put under consideration ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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