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Parts of Human Resources Align and Support the Organization - Essay Example

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Parts of Human Resources Align and Support the Organization Table of Contents Introduction 3 Parts of Human Resource Systems which support the organization 4 Job Design issues 4 Training activities 6 Recruitment activities 8 Selection approaches 10 Performance Appraisal and Promotion systems 11 Compensation and Benefits 12 Supervisory styles 13 Recommendations 14 Conclusion 15 Reference 16 Introduction Human resource management strategies have evolved as an essential part of the development process of organizations…
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Parts of Human Resources Align and Support the Organization
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Download file to see previous pages It is also crucial that these strategies are mutually supportive and complement each other in it’s propose towards the organization. Thus efficient practices of human resource management involve efficient designing and application of HR policies in planning, recruitment, selection, compensation, performance appraisal and training and development too. The importance of these strategies also gets reflected through employee morale, motivation, as well as their efficiency and productivity in the organization. The project brings forth the present human resource conditions in a government contracting company which is primarily a manufacturing enterprise in the infrastructure and energy related sector. The organization manufactures a wide variety of components, namely, boilers, gas generators, gas and hydro turbines, transportation equipments, valves, transmitters etc. The organization incorporates a high quality human resource management culture which gets reflected through its various HRM strategies and policies. ...
ction, compensation and benefits, performance appraisals, job designing etc., such that they complement each other and work collectively towards the organization’s purpose and objectives. Based on the analysis the project recommends suitable solutions for the improvement of these strategies with regards to improving employee morale and participation in the organization, enhancing organizational efficiency, productivity and work life balance, and betterment of the culture and climate of the organization too. Parts of Human Resource Systems which support the organization Job Design issues Job designing is particularly done in the organization for meeting requirements of different positions in the organization. However, it is not considered an independent procedure. The importance of job designing is reflected through other human resource management aspects such employee motivation, employee attraction and retention. According to the views of Erven, a well designed job helps in accomplishing two important organizational goals. Firstly it helps to get the necessary job completed on time and in a competent manner. It also helps to motivate employees and provide them with challenges at the workplace (Erven, n.d., p.1). Besides serving the purpose of improving motivation and performance, job-design analysis begins by regarding a job from a wide perspective and rapidly moving towards identifying the particular activities required for doing the job. This is particularly done for the purpose of identifying any deficiencies and correcting them which has chances of affecting performance and motivation (Encarnacion, n.d.). An example of job design in the organization will help understand how it complements other HR aspects. Job design for the position of a mechanical engineer in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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