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The term paper "Are You Up to the Challenge" states that in the corporate world of business, tough decisions always emerged about leadership and management. The complexity of the environment of corporate business is a challenge especially for those chosen executives sitting on the top level…
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Are You Up to the Challenge
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Download file to see previous pages The author explains that the gravity of the responsibility of being CEO will be related to the selection of a President – as one of the major events that can make or break the success of a corporation. The selection of the President is very crucial because you are preparing the right person to be the most probable next CEO of the corporation. The main contents of this paper are structured to answer questions based on a situational dilemma on Business Corporation’s selection of President. The decision made on the selection will be extended towards the analysis of its effects on the individual level and the company as a whole. Keywords: Corporate culture, Leadership, Management, Executive transitions Review of Related Literature This section presents some of the related literature involving leadership and management for a corporate business environment with a focus on what’s at stake to be a Chief Executive Officer. The world of corporate business is complex and may require essential leadership and management skills to climb and maintain your position at the top. Probably the biggest challenge most leaders face today is making a balance on the need for increasing shareholder value while creating an environment that caters the passion and commitment of the employees (Hulsmans, n.d.). The evolving corporate world has produced several definitions of leadership. It is sometimes viewed as a relationship that involves three aspects of the desired goal: mobilization, influence, and guidance (Wollinski, 2010). It is true that leadership can occur only in the context of a group of individuals working together to achieve something. The product of leadership must not only end on motivated followers but individuals who are empowered to participate in decision making and hone their leadership skills (McKay, et. al. 2000). Based on personal perspective, leadership can also be a function of knowing oneself, having a well-communicated vision, building trust among colleagues, and taking effective action to realize one’s leadership potential as stated by Bennis (1989 as cited by Willonski, 2010). Management requires the behavior and actions of employees to be channeled and directed towards the achievement of the organization’s objectives. Leadership must encompass management skills to effectively communicate with your employees. The next step should involve capitalizing employee’s strength and capacity to become leverage for the organization and help produce quality value-added customer wants (O’ Brien, 2012). For companies undergoing a transition to knowledge economies, the fair process is a must. It is on the fair process that trust is created which directly influences attitudes and behaviors of members of an organization leading them to become more innovative and vocal in their ideas (Kim and Mauborgne 1997). It is important to note that today’s employees demand personal growth and learning that will engage and stimulate them. They want to be challenged, and they need to be trusted and held accountable (Hulsmans n.d.). The leadership with outstanding management skills can be mostly seen in the topmost of the corporate ladder. Individuals who are actively participating in leading certain firms are normally called the Chief Operating Officer or CEO, however for some cases; firms prefer the title “President” (Reagan Consulting, Inc. 2011).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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