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The following report includes the working of the EFQM model in detail that can provide comprehensive understanding about this model. Moreover, it includes various researches conducted especially for the service organizations, with respect to their improved performances has also come under emphasis…
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The Model of European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM)
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Download file to see previous pages The article takes a deeper look at EFQM Model as one of the non-prescriptive models, which has not come under origination to a very long time back, as the historical evidences provides with the information that this model came into emergence somewhere in the latter part of the twentieth century. However, since then it has come under constant review and alterations in order to provide the organizations with a framework that can lead to organizational improvement in terms of its performance. The Model of European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) has come under practical application by numerous organizations from all around the world. This model lay key prominence on the businesses to have an evaluation about the organization's processes and projects on individual basis so that they can know at what positions they are standing, as the ultimate goal of any organization is to attain success and prosperity. This way the organizations have an opportunity to discover their key areas of potential and the gaps that are preventing them to attain their strategic aims and objectives. The EFQM Model exhibits the agenda that it comes under execution by the business community for administering and managing an organization. Thousands of firms and businesses in different commercial facets all over the world specifically in Europe employ this methodology to improve and enhance their performances. This allows them to analyze their overall functioning and operations in diverse aspects. EFQM is a technique that comes under employment by giant corporations as well as small and medium sized enterprises and highlights its current position (Jonker and Eskildsen, 2009, pp.174-175). It also brings to the forefront the strong points and weak areas of the firm. To augment the efficient transfer and sharing of positive working and business ideas and thoughts, a reliable link comes under provision by nine criteria of EFQM scheme. Furthermore, the ongoing projects and the upcoming plans come under thorough assessment to incorporate them in the approved manner for smooth and well-organized functioning of the organization. The purpose is also to evaluate any loopholes in the plans and to eliminate the possibility of any sort of repetition in the objectives and outlines. This is conducive to enabling the organization to see an unambiguous picture of their working and use it appropriately to decide their priorities and implement them effectively to attain success (Jonker and Eskil ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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