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The use and impact of local quality management in the UK telecom business sector - Essay Example

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In this research project an attempt will be made in order to explore and comprehend the impact of the total quality management on the performance of the business so that the managers can come up with appropriate strategies in this regard. …
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The use and impact of local quality management in the UK telecom business sector
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Extract of sample "The use and impact of local quality management in the UK telecom business sector"

Download file to see previous pages The aim of the research study is ‘to identify and explore the impact of the total quality management on the businesses operating in United Kingdom with special focus on the telecom industry. Dale has presented the idea that it is really important for the organisations to manage the quality of the operations and business process. At the same time Omachonu and Ross, defined the total quality management as one the widely used management approach by the organisations in order to reduce the defects and wastages from the business processes. This in turn allows the organisation to provide the end customers with the high quality products and satisfy them. There are several factors and elements which should be considered before implementing different total quality management techniques and methods. It is important for the organisations to understand different factors which directly influence the process of total quality management. Only in this way, the organisations will able to reap the benefits of total quality management. Jonier in his research study have highlighted the role of organisation and co-worker support in the process of total quality management implementation and have showed its impact on the organisation performance. According to him, the support from staff and top management is required in order to make sure that the full advantages of total quality management can be enjoyed by the organisation. The total quality management is also directly related with the workplace attitudes. The research study of Sommer and Merritt (1994), presented that the intervention by the total quality management techniques and methods considerably influence the workplace attitudes of the employees. It is important for the top management to involve the employees in the process of change and implement the total quality management with their consent. In this way there will be less resistance on part of the employees and there will be high possibility that the implementation of the total quality management technique will be a success. In the similar manner, Yue, Ooi, and Keong (2011), presented the idea that the people related total quality management practices allow the organization to improve the job satisfaction among the employees and in turn reduce the turnover ratio. Because of increasing job satisfaction the employees tend to give their best performance and this as a result increase the overall performance and growth of the organisation. It is important to identify the appropriate steps of the total qual ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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