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The human resources management practices in the UK - Essay Example

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The researcher of this present study will attempt to focus on the human resources management practices in the UK, and discusses and analyses on the cultural, political, economic and social factors that tend to affect such practices within the country. …
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The human resources management practices in the UK
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Download file to see previous pages According to the research findings it can therefore be said that the practices of HRM are particularly required since companies are engaged in activities that are no more restricted to the local regions but have their presence globally. In order to uphold significant competitive advantage and manage the global pressure, companies need to focus on its HRM practice effectively. The human resources management practices involve certain core activities that are common to every country irrespective of the businesses being in prevalence in the nation. These activities include human resource planning, job analysis, recruitment and selection, performance management and appraisal, career development, pay management, employee relations, and training and development all that are associated with the human resource management in different countries with probable differences in the manner the measures get executed, and thus help in a complete and integrated management of businesses in every country. Considering the human resources management practices in the United Kingdom (UK), studies reveal that several changes have taken place over the years in the frameworks of regulation, globalization as well as the pressures associated with the need for costs reduction. Sparrow had suggested that the key responsibility of the HRM in this context is to involve people in the right manner such that they get to learn and understand significant issues and accordingly cooperate towards effective performances. (Cesyniene, 2008, p.43). The present study focuses on the human resources management practices in the UK, and discusses and analyses on the cultural, political, economic and social factors that tend to affect such practices within the country. Human Resources Management in the UK: An Overview: Both the government of the UK as well as their membership of the EU have led to higher degrees of regulation in the country that is reflected on the human resources management practices of UK. The UK government follows strict legislative rules on labor activities that are known to bring significant improvements as far as the rates of strikes and absence at workplaces are concerned. Studies reveal that strike activities were reduced to great extents in during the time periods of 1999/2001. Also, the numbers of working days that are lost were found to reduce from 330 during the 1980s to as less as 11 days in this period. However this regulation was again found to get disrupted due to labor unions and strife during 2004-2006. Apart from the issues of regulation there are other factors associated with the HRM practices in the UK. Although an Equal Pay Act has been acted in the country focusing on equal value of men and women, yet there prevails a gender gap in the country and differences in wages and salaries have also been obtained (Cesyniene, 2008, pp.43-44). Individual innovative measures of HRM practices are also found in the UK where the managers of different organizations tend to employ different programs involving the employees of the organization effectively and trying to focus on employment relations as well (Bratton & Gold, 2001, p.31). Policies and procedures in regard to HRM practices are considerably taken concern of in the UK. The HR policies state the activities needed to be followed for particular issues. The procedures on the other hand determine ways to implement the different policies as decided the HRM teams for different organizations. The policies and procedures are mandatory for organizational employees to follow ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "The human resources management practices in the UK" is quite often seen among the tasks in high school. Still, this paper opens a fresh perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the idea for my own document.

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