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Leadership and Organizational Behavior in Action - Essay Example

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This report deals with organizational challenge of workforce diversity. Maintaining a large workforce brings along challenges and people from different background may not be able to adjust well with each other. The objectives of this report are to make careful assessment of the situation…
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Leadership and Organizational Behavior in Action
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Download file to see previous pages The firm that is analyzed in the paper is General Electric (GE), a multifarious company, setup by Thomas Alva Edison in the year 1890 by the name Edison General Electric. The company is currently headquartered at Fairfield, Connecticut in the United States and has made several breakthroughs in segments of Energy, Capital Finance, technology, power generation to name a few. Some of the benchmark innovations of GE include the mars observer, launching of CNBC news channel for business reporting in real time, GE Money which provides customers with facilities of a general credit card and at the same time the facilities of a store card with discounts and promotional offers. Such innovations have helped GE scale the position that it holds today. GE has been continuously emerging as a champion when it comes to innovation. Its businesses related to infrastructure have proven to be another step towards building a better future. GE is currently operating across many regions of all the inhabited continents of the world. GE has been a pioneer for the past 130 years and strived hard towards innovation. Since the invention of first light bulb to the present jet engines the company has come a long way in making the world a better place to live. The company which is an equal opportunity employer has a strong presence in many countries and proudly supports a diverse workforce. The company believes in fair treatment policy and has formed various forums to nurture people with differences in age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation etc. (GE, “Our Company”). This project report deals with organizational challenge of workforce diversity. Maintaining a large workforce brings along challenges and people from different background may not be able to adjust well with each other. Objectives As GE supports a diverse workforce, managers will be faced with the challenges of combating discrimination within the workforce and at the same time promoting alliances and inclusiveness in the group. Negative attitudes and behaviors may influence decision making and might also result in a loss of productivity as well as personnel. If negative behavior or prejudices creeps up within the workplace it will affect the company’s image and may also lead to litigation. The same is the case with multiculturalism. Multiculturalism may be defined as the process whereby people from different cultural background are motivated to work as a unit and also motivated to achieve the common goals of the organisation. The objectives of this report are to make careful assessment of the situation. The report will identify the desired course of action for GE which will help them to overcome the situation. This would require the involvement of all the groups. Managers will have to work on removing personal bias and should also create ways for engaging in personal dialogues with teammates. Managers need to clearly understand that the recipe for success is teamwork and the approach should be unique to the organization for resolving the dispute. Secondary resources have been used for doing the analysis and collecting evidences. Literature review Multiculturalism is the apprehension which epitomizes a new way of acclimatizing to the future world. It is the process of recognizing and respecting different diversified groups with different cultural background in an organization. The people with divergent socio-cultural class are addressed and motivated and are eventually accredited for bringing stability within the organization (Rosado 1-4). Multiculturalism has long been a sensitive issue, a never ending debate, measure of its efficacy in an organization or in the society has come under scanner. These questions or issues have been creeping over time and again to understand the need of multiculturalism, its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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