The roles of management in business: on ABE books - Case Study Example

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The researcher of this study will attempt to deal majorly with a challenging situation relating to employee turnover within the marketing team in, a given online marketplace for new, rare, used plus out-of-print books. …
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The roles of management in business: Case Study on ABE books
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Download file to see previous pages The study more so focuses on Antonio Frias, an Email and online marketing manager that joined AbeBooks recently. In a period of three months after starting to work in that company, two employees working under him quit while a third remained threatening to resign. The dilemma became how he could prevent the third employee from quitting his job. In addition, of the two vacant positions, one became filled while the other remained vacant. Therefore, Antonio has to work with his Marketing director and human resource director to develop a retention strategy and recruitment. Therefore, the case considers cultural and generational differences, dysfunctional versus healthy employee turnover, retention and effective recruitment strategies, employee development plus motivation, employee engagement, job satisfaction and leadership development. Furthermore, organizational culture became examined in the case study too. AbeBooks possessed quit a lot of instrumental and terminal values. Instrumental values remain as core values and totally compromise character traits and personal traits. Furthermore, instrumental values remain difficult to be changed. On the other hand, terminal values remain to more so signify objectives a given person or company wishes to achieve. Furthermore, terminal values often become flexible to change. In relation to the case study on, the company had a good advertising means. The change came with a number of repercussions too. In looking at the website of AbeBooks, one can see it has lots of services. For instance, the company can be able to store books and sell books. In terms of enhancing its advertisement, AbeBook Company recently teamed up with Amazon Company that took over its management. The instrumental value that AbeBooks possess here remains to be their basic structure and content in advertisement. AbeBooks possess millions of books in store to be sold. The Amazon Company by being a renowned company when it comes to advertisement proved to be of value to AbeBooks Company. AbeBooks have a good team at work behind the scene. In as much as the case study majorly focuses on management trying to find means of recruiting and maintaining some of their staff from quitting jobs, majority of the employees display exceptional skills (Mould 2006, p.11). For instance, before Antonio arrived to work in AbeBooks, the Marketing director used to be Sebastian Eberley. Sebastian oversaw the change from the traditional means of marketing to online marketing means in AbeBooks. In addition, he ensured the company got international recognition over time. Even after Sebastian left, Antonio became a good manager though had a couple of hitches. AbeBooks online company always provides its customers with books at reduced prices. The company often aims at providing quality to its clients at affordable rates. The company ensures that clients remain accessible to the books they want through offering inexpensive prices for selling them. This in general attracts many customers to their website thereby making huge sales. Furthermore, clients become treated with respect upon transacting with them so as to build on their public relations. AbeBooks Company remains to be an honest company ever since it started. The company even after operating for many years has not been a scam site. The company has workers on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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