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Reflective Diry on Change Management - Assignment Example

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The study "Reflective Diry on Change Management" highlights the success and development of Microsoft company, having done a good job of adapting to the changes that have occurred with a new organizational culture to the world as a corporate giant, main management, employment, and sales issues…
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Reflective Diry on Change Management
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Extract of sample "Reflective Diry on Change Management"

Download file to see previous pages Most services on the internet require some sort of Microsoft product to be used, and Microsoft Windows is the most widely used computing platform. Also, Microsoft Office has become the software of choice for many in the business world. The problem is that since most people now already own a computer, sales from these products have been steadily decreasing. For example, Microsoft Windows is something that only needs to be purchased once, with the occasional new edition coming out sporadically. With the majority of people already owning this software, Microsoft was forced to do other things to generate profit. What they began doing was creating partnerships with companies that they previously had attempted to destroy. Microsoft is now much friendlier to other software companies because it is good for their business as “roughly 95 percent of Microsoft's revenue comes through its partners” (Ricciuti, 2006). Also, by relying on these partners, Microsoft should be able to increase its productivity. The company’s Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Turner says, “And I would tell you that that's a great example of where we're figuring that out in real-time, but doing it with partners versus developing the solution and then saying, OK, how does it all work and make it work. So this is a different, subtle shift. Everybody always wants more, and they always will. But its a real-time evolution...I really like the way we're approaching it, and I agree with it, and I'm really excited about the opportunity that this is going to provide for the whole breadth of partners that we have” (Ricciuti, 2006). This new approach shows that Microsoft has realized that its past culture of squashing the competition will not work anymore because people are interested in different things than before.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reflective Diry on Change Management Assignment.
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