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The Changes in Healthcare Industry - Research Paper Example

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This paper "The Changes in Healthcare Industry" focuses on the extensive change in the healthcare industry can be understood by dissecting the situation of the industry in the previous decades and the present position of the industry. It is no doubt that the healthcare industry has undergone tremendous changes from early decades to present and is bound to experience more changes. …
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The Changes in Healthcare Industry
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Extract of sample "The Changes in Healthcare Industry"

Download file to see previous pages This paper explores the changes that the healthcare industry has experienced in the last decade and also assesses possible challenges the industry is likely to face in the next ten years.
It is no secret that the healthcare industry has undergone an extensive change in the previous decade. The healthcare industry has in the last ten years experienced numerous ups and downs. The life expectancy of individuals has increased amazing compared to that in 1980s. There have been numerous medical breakthroughs both in terms of health equipment and drugs. The advancement in technology has seen health care delivery services become better each year, increasing the overall efficiency of the healthcare industry.
The healthcare industry has grown from less efficient to the efficient industry through technological innovations. Computers have resulted in a massive reduction in medical errors. Health records are now processed and stored in electronic form eliminating massive paperwork and minimizing possible errors altogether. Competition has also heightened in the last decade pushing health care providers to fine-tune the services they offer to clients (Ginsburg, 2005).
However, the industry has not been without its downs. The cost of health care has escalated over the years. It is now more expensive to obtain quality health care than it was ten years ago. The increasing number of uninsured indicates how expensive health care has become. Healthcare has become evidently unaffordable to many people over the last decade. Nonetheless, the government has been doing its best to curb this undesirable scenario. For instance, Obama care, though faced with numerous challenges, is aimed at making health care affordable to all people.
Healthcare industry is likely to experience numerous changes in the next decade. Of all the likely changes, improvement in technology stands to be the biggest change in the next ten years. The advancement in technology has been on the positive side and the healthcare industry is likely to benefit from this in the next decade.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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