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Mentoring as Part of Professional Development - Essay Example

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This paper discusses the aspects of mentoring as these are applied towards the individuals who work in a professional way, and finds out the link as to where issues of magnanimous effects have haunted the people for all the wrong reasons. …
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Mentoring as Part of Professional Development
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Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses that within the professional development domains, mentoring works at producing magnanimous effects for the people who want to bring about a positive change within their working ideologies. If the aim is to set things in a corrective fashion, mentoring is the path that shall take one towards that. However, it comes with its own disparities. One such is the manner in which the mentoring is being undertaken. The professional development requires of the organizations to embed mentoring as a vital ingredient because it embodies the basis of success that any enterprise or corporate entity can achieve with the passage of time. It will also dictate how well the organization has been able to showcase its professionals and how these individuals have been shaped up to meet the desired goals and expectations which were of them in the first place. The mentoring role is such an important one that it has been talked about in different circles time and time again. The ones who perform the art of mentoring are taken in a good stead and given the respect that they richly deserve. This is the reason why the mentor is seen as someone whom people look up to for help and assistance, and who brings with him a significant amount of experience and knowledge. The mentor is therefore given respect for what she does and how she is able to garner support from the people who believe in his mentoring. He is usually the one people look up to and seeks help in terms of their respective needs and requirements. The organizations have also started to branch out to such mentors because they know that these will bring in help for the employees and workers. These are in the form of counselors who are doing their best to bring sanity within the ranks of the employees and give them the help that they direly require. However, professional development can only come about when there are concerted efforts to do things right on the part of the person who is bringing that change within his own entirety. It just cannot happen overnight and the mentor can help only to a certain level. This is the basis of understanding how mentoring is and what roles are required for mentoring in the related settings. If such comprehensions are reached upon easily, there would be success for all and sundry, and the professional developments would be handled in an amicable way. What is Mentoring? Mentoring is defined as the formal or informal relationship between two people where one is a senior and another, a junior. It involves communication and is based on the premise of having a relationship – formal or informal. It is based on the personal developmental relationship perspective where an experienced or more knowledgeable person holds the torch for the one who is not that skilled and has little or less experience and knowledge. Since mentoring involves some form of empathy within the individual who is mentoring, it is the duty of the person who is being mentored that he listens and adapts to what the mentor has to say. It will then create a situation where both the mentor and the mentee are on the same page, and the process of mentoring will come about in full circle. This is so required because if the mentor and th ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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