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Managing People and Organizations and Changing Business Scenario and Management Practices - Coursework Example

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The author states that the rapidly changing environment has been raising questions that the theories related to management are applicable in the current environment. In this report, the author attempts to understand the different management theories and their implications in the changing workplace. …
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Managing People and Organizations and Changing Business Scenario and Management Practices
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Download file to see previous pages There are different approaches and perspective of management however management is about planning, organizing, leading and controlling to ensure that the organizational objectives are achieved. The task of managers is not only to ensure that organizational objectives are achieved, but it is the responsibility of the management to make sure that the motivation level of employees is high (Glueck, 1980). There is vast scholarly evidence suggesting that the theory of management came after the Second World War.; and its basic in-depth study has begun ever since. But the concept, in essence, started after the Industrial Revolution which brought upon mass production, specialization and seeing people a critical resource all paved way for management to viewed as a critical area of discourse. Principles of management are basic truths and the clarification between a dependent variable and an independent variable. Principles shall hathe ve a predictive or explanatory effect into it and it is much more deeply related to the dependent and independent variable as to whether these principles are applicable in given situation or not The rapidly changing environment along with different technological advancements, have been raising questions that the theories related to management are applicable in the current environment or not. Different researches and studies have been carried in this regard. In this report, an attempt has been made in order to understand the different management theories and their implications in the changing workplace. Managers are important for any modern organization i.e. plant managers look after machinery working properly, sales manager’s task is to build an effective sales team and formulate an effective sales strategy and a personnel manager’s job is to provide an enthusiastic, effective task, accomplishing and productive workforce (Rogg, Schmidt, Shull, & Schmitt, 2001).
Managers are responsible in the organization to ensure that all the tasks are accomplished within the deadline and to complete the tasks in the most appropriate manner, they assign the tasks and manage people with the intention that the organizational objectives are accomplished properly.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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