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Strategically Managing Organizations: Neopets, Inc. case - Essay Example

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Center of discussion in this paper is Neopets as one of the largest gaming worlds that is equally famous among children as well as adults. It has been reported to be amazingly addictive for its users. The website has a recorded user base of more than 25 million…
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Strategically Managing Organizations: Neopets, Inc. case
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Extract of sample "Strategically Managing Organizations: Neopets, Inc. case"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that in 1950, the first electronic game was introduced by Willy Higinbotham, a physicist working at the Brookhaven National laboratories. It was in 1958 when he designed the simple little interactive game using the oscilloscope, an analog computer and some simple push buttons, the result was a game known as ‘tennis for two’. Since then the industry of electronic games has evolved so rapidly and increasingly by passing through various stages that now one can find a game in every house on every computer. A major shift in the evolution of the industry of digital games incurred with the development of a text based adventure game called the ‘Advent’ in 1967. After that the era of consoles began which attracted a lot of children to the gaming zones. Afterwards in the industry, advancements were made so that home based gaming consoles could be manufactured, whose high demands were foreseen by the pioneers of that era. These demands were proven right when the first commercial home video system ‘The Magnavox Odyssey’ was launched. Though all these home based games were exceptional developments, but with the launch of World Wide Web, it became necessary to introduce internet access in the games, which was observed initially through the gaming consoles launched by SEGA like Dreamcast. Though SEGA had a short life span but it was nonetheless remarkable, besides SEGA the well renowned names of the industry today, include Japan’s Nintendo, Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s playstations. With the rapid change in technology the change in the gaming approaches has also been rapid. Now, the main preference of the kids or even adults all over the world is online gaming. Due to the lack of online functionality in consoles, besides SEGA’s Dreamcast, online games mostly have been PC based. Titles like EverQuest and Ultima, used to involve many players form all over the world to be simultaneously logged on into the gaming world (Kirriemuir, 2002). Now in the present era of technology, the options are not so limited, there are a vast variety of internet based games available at a much reasonable price, matching the likes of every individual in the world, whose developers manage gamers form all over the world, who logs onto the world of imagination and excitement during any time of the day and night with no restrictions. Video and web-based games are a very dynamic and rapidly growing industry. Governments all over the world have laid rules and regulations to monitor the development and operations of online games. These policies affect the online gaming industry in a variety of ways. These affects are more pronounced in the countries where there is high state involvement and low degree of transparency in the economy (Ernkvist, Strom, 2008). On June 1, 1999 President Clinton asked the Federal Trade Commission and Justice Department to conduct a study regarding advertisement of products to the youngsters through movie, music recordings and computer & video games industry. It was observed that controls over age restrictions regarding ratings, advertisements and contents were equal to being none. Since then various rules have been advised to monitor these industries. Regarding online gaming, it is mandatory that the games should be labeled with age and content-based ratings information, and that the rating information should also be prominent in the advertising campaigns. The Commission carefully monitors these ratings and the procedures have been applied so that the proper conduct of such operations could be carried on. Rules have been established to govern the distribution of violence oriented or mature content in the games among minors. The Commission after the request of President Clinton has been implementing procedures to make it happen, but it is their belief that these procedures should be self regulated by the industries. Restrictions have been laid to prohibit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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