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Do transformation really work for Pizza Express - Dissertation Example

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The process of completion of the dissertation paper has been a challenging as well as an interesting task. I would like to thank my parents, friends and my mentor as without their assistance this report would not have been complete. …
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Do transformation really work for Pizza Express
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Extract of sample "Do transformation really work for Pizza Express"

Download file to see previous pages observed trend regarding the transformation (which includes refurbishment of the units) it has been recommended that Pizza Express should invest in the innovation of products and services and also adopt identical and unique design for all the units of Pizza Express across the country. Major business houses round the world have undergone massive transformation over the years in order to be competitive and to fetch a substantial market share. In the era of globalization, organizations need to adopt various changes in their outlook to sustain their businesses in the competitive market scenario. The history of successful organization reflects the fact, that the organizations have carefully identified the changes in business processes at appropriate timings and those changes have gained profitability for them in the long run. In the present era, transformation of business across all sectors has evolved in a massive way. As a result of transformation, industries have experienced major changes over the years and this has been one of the critical elements responsible for the survival and growth of business organizations. Among the major changes undertaken by different organizations in the past decade, the focus has always been on the creation of value. Customer satisfaction has also been one of the prime forces which have driven the changes over the years. Much importance has been given to bring about changes in the products and services, according to the needs and demands of the customers so that the products and services offered by them are perceived by the customers to be of high value. The overall transformation in the business activities of the organizations also has a huge effect on the economy of a country. As the industries in a country contribute a substantial part...
Express 23-27 Analysis 28-34 Conclusion 34-36 Recommendations 36-37 Bibliography 37-40 Appendix 40-41 Transformation in Pizza Express Executive Summary: A study of the process of business transformation has been conducted with special reference to the transformation process in Pizza Express. A detailed study has been done to analyze the importance and the advantages of the business transformation process. The transformation process undertaken by Pizza Express has been studied with the help of the secondary sources and some primary information. Studies reflect that the transformation process of Pizza Express is mainly based on the refurbishments of the units and a huge cost is being allotted by the organization towards the achievement of these goals. In the next step in the transformation process of the organization, the major process in the business operations needs to be detailed. Importance on the operation of process needs to be provided as all the major tasks in the organizations are accomplished through the process and the overall outputs of the process determine the efficiency of the organization. The various outputs of the organization should be aligned to the strategy so that operational excellence can be achieved by the organization. The detailing of the business operation will in turn lead to the overall analysis of the process and the identification of the process which needs the transformation. Once the process requiring transformation is identified, critical analysis of the particular areas of the process needs to be evaluated which needs transformation. Once the process requiring transformation is identified, critical analysis of the particular areas of the process needs to be evaluated which needs transformation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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