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Operations management: Wal-Mart - Essay Example

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The current research talks about the world’s largest retail chain Wal-Mart. It is a global chain that operates in many different countries. It started off its operations in America but now operates in several different countries across the globe…
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Operations management: Wal-Mart
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Download file to see previous pages Center of discussion in this paper is Wal-Mart, one of the prevalent grocery stores in the United States. Wal-Mart has kept its supply chain model identical in every country that it operates. The case will emphasize on whether it was the right choice or not. Furthermore the case will highlight these problems in relation to the lean operations, waste management and just-in-time strategies of the world’s largest retail chain and what problems does they have to face because the of the supply chain problems that the chain faces. In addition to these problems, concept of e-supply chain has been discussed and how Wal-Mart does incorporate this concept into its operations. Just-in-time, lean operations and waste management in addition to the inventory management practiced by Wal-Mart have also been discussed in detail. The case will not only highlight the problems faced by Wal-Mart’s supply chain but will also provide with solutions and recommendations which could be useful to the company’s supply chain management. Recommendations will be made which will enable Wal-Mart to overcome the problems that it is facing in China and which will also help in boosting its overall global business activity. The case mentions the problems faced by Wal-Mart in China in relation to its local retail industry and also compares the Chinese operations of Wal-Mart with the rest of the globalized operations of Wal-Mart....
Wal-Mart comes under the category of retail stores. It is one of the prevalent grocery stores in the United States. It is an American multinational corporation which is listed publically on the New York Stock Exchange. Wal-Mart operates a chain of price cut stores and warehouse stores. Wal-Mart covers the 18th rank of the world’s principal public firm according to the Forbes Global 2000. It is the chief public corporation when classified according to revenue. The warehouse stores that it owns and operates are named as Sam’s Club retail warehouses. Because Wal-Mart is a retail store so it is obvious that it is a player of the retailing industry. Wal-Mart has approximately 8500 stores in different countries and serves the world market. Wal-Mart’s operations are listed under three divisions, namely Wal-Mart Stores US, Sam’s Club as mentioned before and Wal-Mart International. Wal-Mart’s business model comprises of nine different retail formats that it follows. These retail designs include super-centers, food and drugs, merchandise stores, small markets, cash and carry stores, warehouse clubs, apparel stores, discount stores and restaurants. Products and Services All the products and services that are provided by Wal-Mart lay under the nine different retail formats that it follows. The Wal-Mart Stores in US sells a variety of non-grocery items like generic drugs. At the discount stores, the products that are sold are of the general merchandise category and also a selection of groceries. These stores also comprise of a pharmacy, a bank branch, a tire shop and a fast-food outlet. The Wal-Mart supercentres are like hypermarkets. It consists of a full-service supermarket ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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