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Project Management: the Introduction of the new tables PC MidlanderX2 - Research Paper Example

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Importance of Organisational and Project Objectives One of the fundamental elements in project and organizational management is the establishment of a sound basis for clearly defined objectives. Touwen (2001, p. 1) argues that failure to undertake sound objective-making is a principal reason behind project and organizational failure since in many cases plans are made without paying sufficient attention to generation of objectives…
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Project Management: the Introduction of the new tables PC MidlanderX2
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Download file to see previous pages Objectives are crucial in defining the project’s mission, guiding the entire project, making it straightforward and acting as an appraisal measure (Berkun 2008, p. 69). According to Brown (2007, pp 4-5), well established objectives determine all aspects of the project roll out as any project management Body of Knowledge would present it; initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control and finally, closing. Another fundamental aspect of project objective-making is in terms of how it links to the wider organizational objectives. The organization is a complex place involving many stakeholders internally and externally. A project impacts and is impacted by these stakeholders during its planning and roll out and thus should take into consideration their input. According to IFC (2007, p. 4) high quality engagement of the relevant organizational stakeholders is one of the most significant determinants of project outcomes, hence indicating the importance of linking project objectives with wider organizational and stakeholder/departmental objectives. ...
Objectives from the various stakeholders can then be used to develop this objective into a SMART one- specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-planned (Richman 2011, p. 32). A brief overview of stakeholder considerations in the MidlanderX2 project indicates that considerations by Sales and Marketing Director and PowerDev. Besides the two, other salient considerations not expressly stated in the case study but always present in project management include the financial department, the Manufacturing Operations team and the marketing team among others. Integrating the considerations of these stakeholders will effectively synchronize the project’s objectives with those of the wider organization and thus give it higher chances of success. The Sales & Marketing Director has demanded the MidlanderX2 finished product be available for sale to consumers in time for Christmas 2012. He is also in the process of negotiating with a large business customer for 10,000 tablets in early 2013. Thus, time considerations in the project’s objectives are influenced by this. PowerDev is the battery’s developer and seeks to outdo a Korean competitor using the same technology; hence time is a key issue. The Manufacturing Operations team should also have sufficient time to mass-produce 10,000 MidlanderX2 units (as required by the Sales and Marketing Director) from the wind down of the project and early 2013. The cost considerations are that the project should be within a budget of ?900,000 (appendix 1). Hence, the MidlanderX2 project objectives can be made SMART through incorporating these considerations. The first objective is to develop a new tablet PC (the MidlanderX2) that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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