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Integrated case study of Orion company - Essay Example

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Orion Foods – Integrated Case Study Introduction International market is huge for food products mainly due to globalization. Variety of food is not limited to one particular region or country, thanks to the extent of globalization that has taken people to different parts of the world in pursuit of their dreams and for various other obvious reasons…
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Integrated case study of Orion company
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Download file to see previous pages According to Ahlstrom and Bruton (2009) businesses today are focused on international competition and opportunities afforded by globalization. It is further mentioned that competition has increased greatly during the past two decades due to globalization and the energizing forces of technological changes and major financial innovation. Management in modern environment, where tastes, likes and dislikes changes every minute, is an herculean task as it requires the leaders to create and develop an effective strategy that could withstand the consumer demand, product innovation, effective human resource management, employee retention and motivation, consumer relationship, marketing, etc. Similarly, international business management requires formulating strategy that addresses all the issues hitherto mentioned, but also addresses issues pertaining to organizational culture because they may be working in a different setup with people of different culture, political, legal, environmental concerns and socio economic issues. Phatak (2006) states that the need for international management arises with a firm’s initial involvement in international operations by way of exports of its products, technology, or services to foreign markets. Orion Food Industries produces a range of ready prepared meals for local market and distribution within West and East Malaysia has achieved national coverage with retail sale made direct to supermarket in major population centres. Further export markets also booming and according to British Press, curry has replaced fish and chips as the number one food of choice in Europe. Assuming this as the greatest opportunity for Orion Foods and to seize the available opportunity, this report aims to provide the strengths and weaknesses of Orion Foods in regard to International Business expansion in European in terms of human resource, culture, management, market structure, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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