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The research discusses how an MIS could help CCHBC to monitor the achievement of its strategic goal such as “availability” and explains how data mining and related search tools can enable CCHBC to analyse performance and showing the importance of knowledge rather than information. …
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Coca-Cola HBC Case
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Download file to see previous pages al understanding on giving high importance for customer value, CCHBC was able to formulate essential moves in order to achieve its strategic aims through its operations management practices. In great detail, the success of CCHBC in achieving its strategic aims includes its operation strategy, operation model, operation process and supply network. One important reason why operations management practices of CCHBC enabled it to achieve its strategic aims is simply made possible by activating control within its target market, an integral part of its supply network operation. This is made evident by ensuring that its supply chain management (SCM) could function efficiently. When it comes to what is efficient, CCHBC was able to invest in technology, infrastructure and organisational practices especially in its demand-driven SCM. The main point of CCHBC is to reach its target market at a highly affordable cost so it is important that its service delivery together with its associated customer value is controlled through its efficient SCM. Product availability, operational performance and reliability, the nature of demand are some of the most important factors to be considered in understanding the nature and implementation of efficient SCM (Mentzer, 2001; Li, 2007). For instance, CCHBC wants to optimise positively some certain costs associated with inability of certain products so it is important that primary attention should be focused on product availability and monitoring. In fact, this is one of its reasons why there is a need to diversify its product offerings up to certain range anywhere and at any time ensuring availability whenever customers would need them. Its operation management practices enabled the company to put everything in order to meet the organisation’s...
The intention of this study is Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (CCHBC) as a company that essentially looks forward to how it could present the best part it could offer to its customers. In today’s highly advanced economy, every firm or organisation is faced with the need to achieve their competitive advantage through giving focus on providing value for customers and ensuring teamwork and efficient working organisational structure and system. This paper tries to establish some important strategic issues associated with Coca-cola HBC (CCHBC), one of the largest bottlers of non-alcoholic beverages in Europe. In this paper, the proponent discusses relevant issues concerning how CCHBC provides value for its customers, its capacity management, issues concerning its suppliers, and the role of management information system and data mining in improving its effort to increase the value it provides for its customers. Creating the best value for customers is therefore tantamount to achieving the right possible approach within the bound of both internal and external business environment and including economic and non-economic factors and other related business concerns. It is therefore recommended that CCHBC has to explore further in great detail other relevant strategic moves that could help enhance its capacity of creating the best value for its customers. At some point, it is important on its part to explore more about the impact of MIS and sophisticated data mining approach on its strategic objectives prior to understanding its customers and creating a need and value for them.

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