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Essence of concept of integration to fair-mindedness - Essay Example

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According to the research findings fair-mindedness can be differentiated from other cognitive qualities on the basis of its incorporation of a particular willingness and capacity to rise above a certain cognitive perception…
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Essence of concept of integration to fair-mindedness
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Extract of sample "Essence of concept of integration to fair-mindedness"

Download file to see previous pages From the research it can be comprehended that, In spite of its significance, executing fair-mindedness sometimes presented enormous challenges to the employees: that is, the nature of intellectual approaches or practices that were supposed to recommend a new applicant for recruitment despite the lesser qualifications of candidates who had been on the waiting list for many years. Concept integration was a challenging task as to the ‘amount’ of each concept should be incorporated in an effort to execute fair-mindedness between applicants who had had immense experience but inferior training and those that were highly trained but had limited experience to show. In view of this, there are several philosophies on fair-mindedness that cast grievous misgivings on its essence as a rational virtue. Regardless, its essence is enticing to contemplate as basically in line with situations revolving around intellectual disagreement, resistance, challenge, or row, and essentially, to situations revolving around a disagreement between an individual’s morals, on opposing a position based on logical reasoning as to who should get the green light to join employment. Diestler suggests a fair-minded individual essentially moves beyond his or her own doxastic inclinations in order to offer a fair judgement to the logical opposition. This presented immense challenges to the management team of which I was part of, especially when decision-making was required. Although, fair-mindedness is an essential quality that the organization leadership attempted to uphold, tremendous pitfalls such as balancing the the employment opportunities between poor and rich neighbourhoods presented gaping pitfalls which the management had to tread carefully to maintain professionalism in the organizations who absorbed their workforce from our company; and proper balancing of employment opportunities across the country’s major socio-economic demographics. Fair-mindedness used to be quite involving: for instance, while a modification of the conflict of dealing with only the local employees and employers resulted in acceptable outcomes, especially among individuals who felt they were excluded from the exercise, the organization made it clear that in intended to include human resources from other countries as a strategy of expanding its operations globally within the next decade. While serving in the organization, concept integration manifested in the organizational leadership when different pressing issues relating to employment such as gender, race, qualification, disability, and employee experience was looked into from different perspectives. The recommendation of qualified candidates was based on the monetary loses or benefits that an issue could result in, such as taxation issues, bond issues, rent, and pension schemes. Additionally, the management team explored the long-term expenditures that organizations may ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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