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International Expansion Opportunities of importing an energy drink product from Brazil to Germany called Guarana Antarctica - Essay Example

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One of the main characteristics of 21st century’s business environment is high globalization. Most organizations are growing and expanding into multinational corporations…
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International Expansion Opportunities of importing an energy drink product from Brazil to Germany called Guarana Antarctica
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, the firm’s business strategic plan requires drafting, formulation, and implementation in line with venturing business operations in new countries. A strategic management plan is an overview of different forms of activities that a firm is likely to be engaged in with an aim of competing effectively and efficient with local firms while venturing in new countries. Moreover, there is need to evaluate business opportunities for the company in question so as to be sure that once established within the new country, expanded business will still make profits. Giving the firm a name of Guantarctic Ltd Company, the following is a description of various strategies that it will employ in order to venture in the new market, Germany. This strategic planning includes amongst other things company profile, country evaluation, useful and long lasting strategies, as well as the implementation process. Company profile includes both internal and external strengths, competitors, and the industry analysis. Competitor analysis in this paper is portrayed through SWOT analysis and PESTLE whilst the industry analysis is through Porter’s five forces of management. Within the country evaluation, a profile of Germany with respect to the product to be introduced by Guantarctic Ltd Company forms part of the strategic plan. Country evaluation is also done using the PESTLE analysis. The background information gives company profile and strengths to penetrate into Germany’s food and beverage market coupled with necessary strategies and their implementation. Section 1: Background Company profile Guantarctic Ltd Company is a Brazil-based company that produces, markets, and distributes beverages especially energy and soft drinks within Brazil and the whole of South America. Since its inception in 1927, Guantarctic Ltd Company has been the main fore runner within South America’s energy market. Consequently, this has helped in expansion and growth in North America about 20 years ago. Guantarctic Ltd Company’s entrance into North America resulted into additional markets hence costs and profitability. Nonetheless, its focused human resource worked tirelessly to ensure fulfilling the increased demand resulting from expansion into South America through production of higher capacities of energy drinks compared to earlier on before expansion. Guantarctic Ltd Company has a total of approximately Internal Strengths Guantarctic Ltd Company boosts of various internal strengths that includes the following: Mission Statement: Guantarctic Ltd Company has a strong mission statement that has given direction in performing the business. The firm’s mission statement states, “From our understanding of vital role of selling quality beverage products, Guantarctic Ltd Company is a community that focuses on building customers’ needs, employees’ future, and shareholders’ wealth”. This mission statement ensures that Guantarctic Ltd Company becomes an all-round firm meeting the needs of three main stakeholders; customers, employees, and shareholders. Vision Statement: Other than mission statement steering Guantarctic Ltd Company to higher heights, the company has also relied so much on its vision as a strategic tool to meeting objectives and goals. The vision of Guantarctic Ltd Company states that: “To achieve sustainable expansion and growth, we as a family has a vision with clear goals that include the 5Ps; Profit: While minimizing costs, Guantarctic Lt ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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