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Human resource Management - Essay Example

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The success of companies in the 21st century is highly dependent on the ability of the firm to develop and manage its human resources. The most valuable asset of a company is its human capital. Human capital can be defined as recognition that people and businesses are an important and essential asset that contributes to development and growth of a company (Brocaglia)…
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Human resource Management
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Download file to see previous pages The three human resource topics that will be emphasize in this analysis are managing sex and gender issues, employee benefits and compensation, and equal employment opportunities. My father’s company currently has only two employees. I envision tremendous growth for this company and within five years it is highly likely the firm could approach a payroll of over 100 employees. One of the topics that must be emphasized by the managers and the human resource department of the company are sex and gender issues. The civil rights and feminism movements of the 1960’s helped women reached equality in the United States. In the past women served the role of housewives. Today there are as many women in the workforce as men. In the 1900 only 19% of women worked, but by 2007 women composed 46% of the labor force (Lee & Mather, 2008). Due to the importance of women in the workplace the company must protect the rights of its workers and provide equal opportunities for employees of both sexes. My father’s business will become a place where people feel secured and happy to work there. The best way to achieve that goal is by complying with labor laws to ensure the employees are provided with a safe working environment. Title VII of the 1964 Civil Right Act prohibits sex discrimination in the workplace. “Title VII applies to private employers, state and local government employers, labor organizations, employment agencies, and joint employer-union apprenticeship programs with 15 or more employees” (Equalrights, 2011). The company will utilize an ethical framework to ensure all employees are respected. Another problem related with gender is a concept known as glass ceiling. The glass ceiling is an invisible barrier that affects the chances of women and minorities to reach the managerial level in an organization due to prejudice (Businessdictionary, 2011). To prevent the glass ceiling from occurring at the organization the firm must hire women and minorities to become a part of the managerial team as the firm begins to grow. The company must audit its human resource composition every three months. The manager will compare the ethnic and gender composition to determine if the firm’s human resources have a similar composition as the population of the United States. The second human resource issue that the company must manage well is its employee salary and benefit packages. Employees participating in the U.S. labor force expect to get compensated well. In the United States the average salary is $41,673 (Ssa, 2011). The company must perform adequate research on how much each profession is paying in the United States. The salary the company will pay its employees will be equal or higher than the average salary for the profession based on experience. A website that provides excellent information regarding the salaries of different professions based on work experience is (Salary, 2011). The company will be able to maintain a higher employee retention rate if the firm pays competitive salaries. A second component of a total compensation package is the benefits. In today’s economy sometimes employees value benefit as much if not more than salary. The employees knows that a salary can be replaced by getting a different job, but a job that offers tremendous benefits are hard to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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