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How to be Succeed in the first Job - Essay Example

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15 April 2013 How to succeed in the first job In order to succeed in the first job, there are different measures that can be taken by the prospective employee. As such, this paper is going to evaluate the factors that can be taken by the employee. The second part of the paper will also outline some of the safety measures that can be taken by a person visiting a construction site or any manufacturing industry…
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How to be Succeed in the first Job
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Download file to see previous pages If a person has enough information about a place, he or she is likely to get used to the area quickly compared to someone who does not have any idea about the workplace. This kind of information can be accessed from the employer or other employees working at the place. This is commonly referred to as organizational learning (Kleynhans, 36). A new employee should actively interact with different employees so as to be in a position to gain knowledge about the new job. In most cases, people learn from other workers in the organization and this is very effective in as far as knowledge creation is concerned, hence the need for a new employee to interact with older employees in the company. It is also very important to conduct personal research about a workplace in order to be in a position to succeed in the first job. It is essential for a person to show that he has some knowledge about the job as well as the workplace when he joins the company. This helps to reduce the chances of confusion when one is working in a certain company. Personal researches can be conducted using different strategies. The internet for instance is very effective in as far as searching for information about any particular subject is concerned (Hyder). For instance, Google search engine is very effective in as far as research about a specific area or place is concerned. Different companies now have their own websites and these are very effective since any information about a given subject can be accessed. Information related to the type of work performed can also be accessed from the internet. Individual career development is also essential in order for a person to succeed in the first job. Robbins (570) states that it is very important for a prospective employee to first assess his or her skills since the idea is to capitalise on your strengths. The other important aspect for the prospective employee is to merge what he or she likes with what he or she can do best. It becomes easier for the new employee to be a great achiever since he has the knowledge to perform different tasks in the new job. On the other hand, it can be observed that the concept of safety management has significantly gained prominence during the contemporary period. Safety management is a discipline that requires the new employee to acquire vital knowledge from the people who are experienced in the same type of work. The experienced workers can impart their vital knowledge to new workers and this can also help to ensure their safety. During the current period, it can be seen that organizations are more concerned with ensuring that employees are working in a safe environment. For instance, in mining, construction or any other manufacturing industry, it can be seen that safety management is given the priority it deserves. Companies provide booklets that have information about the safety procedures that can be taken during the period they are performing their job. Each department also has a supervisor who will be concerned with ensuring that all the new employees have understood the demands of their work. This also helps them to minimise chances of getting injured at the workplace since they will have the right knowledge about safety at the workplace. When one is visiting a construction site in a building ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How to Be Succeed in the First Job Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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