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Discuss how job redesign can improve organisational performance - Essay Example

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Job Redesign and Organizational Performance 1. Introduction Prakashan (2009: 4.33) defines job redesign as “a process of deciding the contents of a job in terms of techniques, systems, procedures, etc. and fixing the responsibilities which exist between the job-holder and his sub-ordinates, colleagues and supervisors.” Job redesigning is a process of restructuring different elements of a job so as to make it more pleasing and satisfying for the employee (Huczynski & Buchanan 2010)…
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Discuss how job redesign can improve organisational performance
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Download file to see previous pages This paper sheds light on how job-redesign improves the overall organizational performance, by enlisting a myriad of advantages that are linked with job redesign. 2. Job Redesign and Organizational Performance 2.1. Employee Motivation The basic objective behind job redesign is to motivate the employee so that he is willing to perform better and produce greater results than before (Zhang & Bartol 2010). Employee motivation brings about increased worker productivity because it guarantees high quality worker job experience. Smith (1994) discusses the reason why employee motivation is at all necessary, and comes up with the answer that organizations need to implement motivational strategies through job redesign to ensure their survival in the market, because when employees are motivated, they perform better. Lindner (1998), in his research about what motivates employees, found that job redesign includes motivating factors such as interesting work, good wages, appreciation, encouragement, job security, healthy workplace environment, promotions, participation in decision-making, and sympathy shown from the supervisors on personal problems. 2.2. Employee Empowerment Job redesign empowers employees, which leads to a boost in employees’ morale, job persistence, productivity, and organizational performance; and, the absence of these factors can destroy the whole organization (Kuo et al. 2010). Gitman and McDaniel (2007:323) have called this “investing in people” which includes four trends called employee “education and training, employee ownership, work-life benefits, and nurturing knowledge workers”. Bilton (2007:71) suggests that job redesign must empower the first-line entrepreneurs instead of controlling them, and that it should give “greater autonomy and flexibility” to the employee, as there are commercial reasons for it like achievement of business goals. 2.3. Job Satisfaction Tella, Ayeni and Popoola (2007, par.15) define job satisfaction as a comfortable feeling that results from “employees’ perception of how well their job provides those things that are viewed as important”. The most precious asset that a company may cherish is its employees, and it needs to be seriously concerned with all issues that may dissatisfy, frustrate or depress them. Without happy employees, no strategy is going to work, and no progress will be seen in the long run. After job redesigning, employees work harder because they have enough motivation to learn and excel (Tims & Bakker 2010). They help their employers to increase productivity and achieve customer satisfaction. Tietjen and Myers (1998) state that organizational support through job redesign guarantees improved turnover behavior among employees, because they want to stick to their jobs when they find that their employers are there to value their strengths and eliminate their weaknesses through proper training. This creates a trustworthy relationship between employees and employers, which also results in reduced workplace conflicts and enhanced organizational performance. Today, employers are spending thousands of compensation dollars to devise and implement benefit plans, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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