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Ethics and AIDS in the Workplace - Essay Example

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This paper "Ethics and AIDS in the Workplace" focuses on the fact that African Gold Inc. did not make the right decision by neglecting the workers suffering from AIDS. A company has the full obligation to protect the employees who are working for them. …
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Ethics and AIDS in the Workplace
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Download file to see previous pages The right to privacy grants a presumption of confidentiality regarding health records, financial, job evaluation, and performance records. The right to work includes the right to not to be discriminated in compensation, sex, colour, religion or race. Secondly comes the issue of public health. The companies have an obligation to protect the employees in the workplace from disease and unnecessary physical hazard. Third, there are issues of social ethics. What is our commitment to the fair treatment and justice of all members of society? Framing these issues two questions can be rises as Is AIDS really communicable in the workplace?
The other is legal: what legal protection do employees with Aids have? This issue has to be considered to find out the ethical implication of this disease on the employees of a company. How communicable Unlike most transmissible diseases AIDS is not transmitted through sneezing, eating, drinking from common utensils, or merely through being around an infected person. All scientific facts so far indicate that transmission is not possible through causal personal contact. Because of the difficulty to transmission AIDS is an easily avoidable disease. Risk of contagion is proportional to highly risky behaviour. One has about as much chance of catching AIDS in the workplace as of catching cancer or multiple sclerosis. Although AIDS is a health issue for business, as well as a legal and moral issue, it is not a contagion issue. Businesses should not allow fear and ignorance to disrupt the workplace.
According to (Kanengoni 10621-28)“Low morality among the employees, fear and death due to HIV/AIDS may lead to suspicion and lack of tolerance of colleagues infected by the disease”. Legal Protection For employees, the only worse thing than having AIDS is losing in the workplace one’s job because of it. In the 1970s, AIDS victims had few legal rights or unambiguous remedies in regard to their status in the workplace. An employee is not terminated from work unless his job performance is affected by the disease. While no company is legally obligated to hire workers with AIDS business cannot refuse to hire an individual because of his disease. The companies should handle the issue of AIDS with flexibility. Each case of AIDS is different and should be dealt on an individual basis. The same rule applies to all workers despite the fact whether the disease is cancer, AIDS or heart attack. The companies should develop, publish and implement a special policy on AIDS. The basic posture of the very AIDS policy in the workplace must be educational.
Company obligation on AIDS-affected employees The problem with HIV / AIDS in the workplace is not just the productivity loss from illness, but the fear of the disease by co-workers, which can result in violence, discrimination, and harassment from other employees and customers. A case of HIV/ AIDS is a serious issue for everyone concerned, and the complexity of the potential management problem which can arise requires the companies to develop multi-dimensional policies to deal with it effectively. This should cover issues such as education and communication programs to inform staff of risks and potential hazards of; universal precaution to avoid contamination, such as cleaning protocols, personal protective equipment, etc; control plans to minimize exposure and the spread of infection; a record-keeping system of the all possible incidents.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Ethics and AIDS in the Workplace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words)
Ethics and AIDS in the Workplace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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