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The study includes analysis of data from secondary as well as primary sources in an attempt to find a solution for the organisation that would help it to maintain sustainability and remain viable for the next course of time. …
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Download file to see previous pages 2010) Additionally the number of customers and potential customers who visited the shop floor and the website of the company have decreased as seen in the table below. Table 2: CUSTOMERS/WEBSITE VISITORS FOR CAPITAL 04 LTD. YEAR SHOPFLOOR CUSTOMERS WEBSITE VISITORS 2005 1,000,000 45,000 2006 800,000 37,500 2007 650,000 25,000 2008 250,000 20,000 2009 100,000 10,000 2010 20,000 3,000 (Source: Capital 04 Ltd. Data 2010.) The evidences given in the tables above are clear manifestation of the financial instability and poor growth in Capital 04 Limited, which this report sorts to reverse as a way forward for the company. The main issue in this case is the analysis of the financial issues in the company including analysing the reasons behind the aspect. Scope of Report The report would try to analyse the reasons behind the poor financial state and performance of the company. It would also try to investigate the possible reasons that may have led to Capital 04 becoming unprofitable. This would include analysing the business model of the company and would try to find any gaps in the business model that may have led to this situation. The study would include analysis of data from secondary as well as primary sources in an attempt to find a solution for the organisation that would help it to maintain sustainability and remain viable for the next course of time. The primary research would involve a comprehensive analysis of the issues faced by the company from various perspectives. What is more, the report would ultimately present a set of credible recommendations that would help the company to get back to profitability and maintain market sustainability. Constraints The project would...
The research affirms that over the past few decades, the consumer perceptions have greatly altered in terms of their beliefs and needs. The patience level with which to wait to be served or be satisfied with the product has reduced. With the advancement in technology we have to come to expect complete deliver and that too in time. This change in dynamics of customer thinking has led to a transformation in the whole procedure from the preparation of the product, through retailing and finally to the consumers. This has transformed the whole supply chain deriving from costs to service requirements along with the customer and retailer change. The retail business has been a line a work that has greatly contributed to increasing the efficiency and productivity of consumer products as well as the service sector. It happens to be one of the largest established businesses in terms of number of establishments and employees in United States of America. Other than USA, the retail sector also happens to be a major entity contributing to the economies of other nations as well. The last decade however, has caused a major flux in the retail business environment. There are two sides of this scenario; on one side the hike in the private labels and promotions have contributed to increasing the power of the retailers. On the other side however, the increase in the number of discounters and warehouses have taken a major toll on the traditional retailers and has also increased the competitiveness in the industry. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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