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International Business Management - Research Proposal Example

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Energy is one of the prime requirements for making the earth a vibrating place to live in. In almost all spheres of life we require energy in different forms to carry forward the routines, allow human beings to travel from one place to another and businesses to prosper…
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International Business Management Research Proposal
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Extract of sample "International Business Management"

Download file to see previous pages Such enterprises are not only supposed to come out with cost effective solutions to the energy needs but they are also supposed to make provision for the environment friendly techniques. Recently concluded UN environment summit at Copenhagen highlighted host of issues related to industry and business. Conflict of interest was apparent when the world leaders could not agree on a common binding declaration. Environmentalists say that the industry has a larger interest and bigger role in letting the conference fail. While all concerned appear to agree on protecting the environment, the cost of adopting alternative fuel seems to act as a dampener. For example, government of UK has planned out to make use of 15 percent of its energy requirements through alternative means within the next 10 years. But experts are sceptical about this ambitious plan citing a number of practical considerations like higher costs, requirement of more space, lesser efficient processes etc. (Kahya, 2009). We are living in a highly industrialised world today, which requires energy in different forms for allowing the developmental policies go ahead. At the same time, we need to make sure that the world remains liveable for generation to come. Having recognised the urgency to adopt environment friendly measures, the European Commission's Fifth Action Programme on the Environment entitled "Towards Sustainability" calls for enterprises to (Herath, 2005):
Disclose in their annual reports details of their environmental policy and activities, and the effects thereof
Detail in their accounts the expenses on environmental programmes and a clear definition of such expenses; and
Make provision in their accounts for environmental risks and future environmental expenses
Oil and Gas form key energy sources and it is because of the fast growing consumerist society that despite a consistent increase in the crude oil prices over the years, its use has not decreased. Instead the use of oil and gas has kept growing over the years. As per the report from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) titled, 'International Energy Outlook 2008', Carbon dioxide happens to be the most abundant anthropogenic (human-caused) greenhouse gas in the atmosphere (EIA, 2008). The report indicates that 'Carbon dioxide emissions per capita in the OECD economies are significantly higher than in the non-OECD economies. Industrial sector is considered to be one of the main pollutants of greenhouse gases. Therefore while venturing out in the international arena, a company is required to be well aware about the standards set by the industry and the governments in regard to the environment. Renewed emphasis on alternative fuels has certainly made things more competitive for the oil and gas sector. But, the fact that it is considered as one of the most dependant and cost effective sources of energy by the industries as compared to the renewable sources will help a company to make a successful foray in the international arena.
Research Questions and Objectives
This study is primarily being undertaken to study how a company will be able to successfully manage its international venture. The study will try to seek answers to the following key objectives.
To analyze the levels of competition and management scenario in the oil and gas s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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