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Analyses of customer satisfaction in Ryan Air (dual case study of EasyJet and Ryan Air) - Research Proposal Example

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As compared to full service carriers, low cost carriers have better competitive advantage because of its very low fares and the option to deliver a similar quality in terms of its service (Kim & Lee, 2011). Even though RyanAir is a low cost carrier (RyanAir, 2014a), this…
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Analyses of customer satisfaction in Ryan Air (dual case study of EasyJet and Ryan Air)
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Extract of sample "Analyses of customer satisfaction in Ryan Air (dual case study of EasyJet and Ryan Air)"

Download file to see previous pages The fact that RyanAir’s annual profitability has failed to reach its target is a clear sign that the said airline company is experiencing a serious problem with regards to its customer service (Prattley, 2013).
There is a lot of business advantages associated with delivering a good customer service. In general, a good customer service can lead to a higher profitability, increased in customer satisfaction and loyalty (Baker, 2013). After examining the impact of customer satisfaction on a company’s financial performance, Sun and Kim (2013) found out that it is possible for the levels of customer satisfaction to be reflected in the company’s profitability (i.e. profit margin, return on assets, and return on equity).
In relation to the customer service of RyanAir, Smith (2013) reported that this particular airline company scored only 2 out of 5 for its staff’s attitude, knowledge, and ability to deal with customer-related problems. Today, RyanAir is not the only airline company that offers low-cost airfares. For this reason, there is a strongly possibility wherein the loyal customers of RyanAir
To learn more on how RyanAir can further improve its customer service, a dual case study will be conducted for this purpose. In line with this, factors that can significantly affect the customer satisfaction of both RyanAir’s and EasyJet’s customers will be identified and analyzed respectively through the use of quantitative and qualitative research survey questionnaire.
Continuous improvement in customer service is necessary in order to retain the loyal customers of RyanAir. For this reason, the proposed research study aims to determine the best way to increase the customer satisfaction of RyanAir. In relation to the main purpose of this study, the following research objectives will serve as a guide throughout the completion of the proposed research ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Analyses of Customer Satisfaction in Ryan Air (dual Case Study of Research Proposal.
“Analyses of Customer Satisfaction in Ryan Air (dual Case Study of Research Proposal”, n.d.
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