Diversity Management: Is It Different From Equal Opportunities Policy - Essay Example

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This research paper critically explores the two points of vision through first discussing the diversity management concept, then the equal opportunities agenda and finally discussing the views of proponents and opponents…
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Diversity Management: Is It Different From Equal Opportunities Policy
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that diversity management involves systematic and planned commitment by an organisation for the recruitment and retention of employees drawn from diverse backgrounds demographically. The concept of diversity management arose due to the realisation that the labour market was becoming quite diverse in terms of demography. The diversity management idea was strengthened through advent of a business case for it, where taking advantage of the existing diversity in the labour market was argued to be accompanied by access to a wider pool of job candidates, increased flexibility cutting of costs on recruitment and training among other benefits. Other muted pluses for management of diversity include the ability to manage across borders and cultures, maximisation of employee potential, creation of business opportunities and the enhancement of creativity within the organisation. Keil explains that conscious diversity management is based on the recognition of the different strengths that are brought by diversity rather than just complying with rules on equality. She argues that diversity management is an evolutionary process which consists of three stages; anti-discrimination where the organisation seeks to comply with rules; legitimisation, where the organisation seeks to identify market segments based on diversity and use their diverse workforce to operate based on the market; lastly, learning and effectiveness, which is where diversity management actually occurs....
She argues that diversity management is an evolutionary process which consists of three stages; anti-discrimination where the organisation seeks to comply with rules; legitimisation, where the organisation seeks to identify market segments based on diversity and use their diverse workforce to operate based on the market; lastly, learning and effectiveness, which is where diversity management actually occurs. Here, diversity is viewed as a resource and pursued, not for political correctness but for its inherent benefits that the organisation would wish to exploit. Equal Opportunities Approach Equality in organisations was characteristic of the 1970s-80s and was centred on equality in access, opportunities, treatment in the organisation and outcomes. Equality is based on the issue of discrimination, which is traditionally a moral, social justice and human rights issue (Dickens 2007, pp. 468). It is debated whether following such utilitarianism is in line with efficiency and competitiveness in firms. The basis of equal opportunities is centred on complying with laws formulated by governments and sometimes, which Dickens (2007) discusses in the form of a timeline, establishing the gradual development of equality and non-discrimination frameworks based on countries or adopted from international bodies. The Debate Although there is consensus that there has been a gradual shift from equal opportunities policies to diversity management, the debate has arisen due to some sectors arguing that diversity management is a new paradigm unique from the traditional equal opportunities policies. The analysis of this debate will first study the arguments of those who support the view that diversity management is a unique concept and then analyse their opponents. According to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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