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The paper has intended to specify the selection process which has been adopted for the position of secretarial position in the Arab Bank. The selection procedure with the help of the information collected through job analysis has been developed so that the right candidates are selected for the job. …
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Job Analysis, Recruitment and Selection Project. Arab Bank in UAE
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Download file to see previous pages For the purpose of conducting job analysis, two methods have been taken into consideration namely, critical incident method and interviewing. Critical incident method is very effective in gaining the required information related to the task. It is task oriented and helps in providing the needed information. Interviewing is a popularly used method and has proved to be effective in the process. Interviewing the candidates has proved to be effective because the information is generated directly from the person. Creating the pool of the candidates is very essential as the candidates need to be aware of the vacancies and the job responsibilities before applying for the job. Advertisement and employee referral methods have been used for this purpose. Among the various means of advertisement, online recruitment has been taken into consideration to increase the efficiency of the recruitment process. Employee referral method is another way of creating the pool of candidates. Here, the existing employees refer to a particular candidate. This is also very effective because it helps in getting the right candidate in less expense.
Different measures have been adopted to conduct the selection procedure. The KSAOs (knowledge, skill, abilities as well as the other qualities) analysis is done through the various measures such as tests related to the clerical, the administrative and the organisational ability of the candidates, role play and personal interview. Conclusively, the organisation’s initiatives that can be taken in relation to enhancing the chances of the candidates’ to gain success have also been discussed. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 5 Job Analysis Related To the Secretary of the Bank 6 Methods Used for Conducting Job Analysis 8 Critical Incident Method 8 Interviewing 9 Creating Pool of Candidates for Bank’s Secretary Post 11 Advertising Method 11 Employee Referral Method 12 Measures Adopted for Selection Procedure for the Post of Secretary Position 13 Tests Related To the Clerical Ability of the Candidates 13 Role Play 14 Personal Interview 15 Enhancing the Chances of Candidates’ Success 16 Conclusion 18 References 19 Appendices 21 Questionnaire 21 Arab Bank Advertisement 22 Introduction The paper will study the job analysis, recruitment and selection process of the secretary position in Arab Bank in UAE. This bank has been the part of the banking sector of UAE since 14 July in the year 1930. Abdel Hameed Shoman is the founder of the Arab Bank (Arab Bank UAE, 2011). The bank is oriented to the monetary dealings and is devoted in improving the economical condition of the citizens of UAE. The secretary plays an important role in the organization. The position for the secretary of the bank demands the ability of dealing with certain varied tasks which come by and provide with required support to the senior managers. The job responsibility of the secretary of the banks is to perform administrative duties in order to help the bank to perform better in effective and efficient ways. The paper includes the steps that are followed while performing the job analysis process for the secretary position and the different selection processes which are used for the selection of correct candidate. The study also intends to include the advantages and disadvantages of the methods which are used for the purpose of selection procedure. It will help in analyzing the responsibilities of the position and with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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