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The relation between IM, Information Security and HRM - Essay Example

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The paper emphasizes the involvement of the top management in making information security an important part of the organization culture, need to establish a clear and effective information security policy and guidelines for employees…
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The relation between IM, Information Security and HRM
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"The relation between IM, Information Security and HRM"

Download file to see previous pages Software assurance is another aspect of information security. Software vulnerabilities can jeopardize intellectual property, consumer trust, business operations and services, thus the use of any software by the organization has to be in conjunction with the information security department, and these among others are some of the key roles information security plays in the safeguard of information in the Human resource departments. The paper also emphasizes the involvement of the top management in making information security an important part of the organization culture, need to establish a clear and effective information security policy and guidelines for employees. The absence of information security measures not only lead to theft, but the organization could suffer damage with minimal legal redress against the individuals concerned. In the end the paper discusses the need for an accurate measurement system and a continuous improvement policy to ensure the organization is abreast with the dynamic nature of the issue and is prepared to meet newer security concerns. Introduction Information management is a very vast concept; it includes a cycle of processes that supports firm’s learning activity by identifying, organizing, storing, processing and acquiring information (Choo, 1995). Information is one the most fundamental resources of an organization, one that needs to be managed like any other resource, like plant, equipment or people.  Forward-looking companies consider information as a strategic asset that can be leveraged into a competitive advantage in the markets served by the company (Karim & Hussein, 2008). Information, being such an important resource in an organization,...
The paper affirm that the value of a firm’s investment in information security can be measured by examining the stock market investor’s behaviours towards firms IT security investment announcements. In examining the current business environment and the risks associated with it, it is important to include the role of Internet. The internet is one of the most critical infrastructures of a modern business. Firms have to take into account the broader picture when it comes to information security. Management of information in an effective manner is the only way to secure information. Board involvement is an absolutely critical issue and the top management should always play an active role in the formulation of the information security policy. Most of the times, the board members are not up to speed with the technology systems being used in the organization and what kind of attacks the company is vulnerable to. The board needs to be updated on the information security systems at least on a quarterly basis so that adequate measures can be taken to upgrade the systems, with the fast changing technologies; it has become imperative to remain in constant touch with the risks that the changing technological environment possesses. Comprehensive information security policies are well written, responsibilities are assigned and roles well outlined. Human resource department is responsible for managing human capital of an organization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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This essay was always my weak point. I could never complete it successfully. Still, after I found this precise document, I understood how it should be done. So, I performed my research afterward and completed the essay in several hours, instead of months as it was previously.
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